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  7. So yanno many of you are breaking the sig rules right?
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  19. Hello I am Pachy, Youtube guy and PK fan
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  21. Time for me to "sod off" as Shenzi Sixaxi told me to via the rep system...fine I go.
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  37. Apparently to C5 it's the customer is always right and it's staff are the worst
  38. Happy Memorial Day, Everyone!
  39. Which hybrid dinosaur would you create?
  40. Should I??? (For reptile lovers/turtle owners)
  41. A Ridiculous Suspicion, and an Apology for its Foundation.
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  58. your favorite large therapod (no fighting or vs scenarios)
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  60. rex, spino, or giga. (second thread)
  61. I'm baaaaack!
  62. Would you like to employ Memory Erasure if you could?
  63. My youtube channel, Hemlock!
  64. For People Those Think Autistics Are Idiots
  65. Cya later homies!
  66. Happy new year to you all
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