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  1. This is quite the improvement, but...
  2. Dark Gray Background
  3. >primal carnage 1.3
  4. Prim's Feedback on the forums.
  5. Forum Mechanics
  6. Forum Issues
  7. Line limit in singatures
  8. Private Messaging?
  9. Background Map Moves
  10. will a new thread be made to report hackers and/or illegal behavior?
  11. Is the forum background lagging? Read this.
  12. The Index
  13. Post all the small problems here.
  14. Colorblind People and Bad Vision
  15. Improvements to the Dark Grey Theme
  16. Direct link to lastest posts
  17. Post (and thread) deletion?
  18. About the time in the forum
  19. Minor Feedback about the new website
  20. Add a deleate post button
  21. New Font?
  22. How do i stop seeing gif on this forums
  23. Posts not showing up
  24. Old forum deletion?
  25. Update Link To "Play Trailer" on website
  26. pc site?
  27. How do you change your forum title?
  28. Trailer broken on steam page.
  29. I'm I able to fix my displayed name here on the forum?
  30. 503 - Service unavailable
  31. Gifs not working
  32. How to Hide Users on these New Forums?
  33. Name changing.
  34. Website Feedback.
  35. Gifs causing massive lag.
  36. the sudden invaison of ads
  37. Suggestion: Allow users to display previous titles they unlocked.
  38. Suggestion: Ask a Developer
  39. How to make a poll?
  40. Logging out causes UI Style to reset back to white
  41. We've got some theifs...
  42. What happened to the old website?
  43. Website is DOWN
  44. Why did my avatar magically change?
  45. Terraform's Rank?
  46. Really good website
  47. Rank by posts?
  48. The handy function of the spoiler code :)
  49. How does this happen?
  50. Does this look familiar to you?
  51. Reputation tab gone?
  52. How do you change the message under your name?
  53. How do i add spoiler tab?
  54. Some Questions
  55. Weird...
  56. Avatar Gif?
  57. Some posting Bugs
  58. Compy Mod
  59. Three Minor Questions, regarding Permissible Content on the Forums.
  60. May I Make Light of My Own Murder, Suicide, etc.?
  61. How do I Delete Thread Responses?
  62. What Section Should I Use to Share a Fan-Video?
  63. Reporting Avatar Images/Non-Post Items
  64. Bring Back Text Colour in Posts?
  65. Edit to dark theme
  66. Fluid Styles cut off some signatures
  67. Avatar Gif not playing?
  68. Report time limit, why?
  69. Problems placing a post.
  70. How I can create a poll after create a post?
  71. Improve the mobile version please
  72. Deleting threads?
  73. Forum Foolishness- What may, and what may not, be shared?
  74. Image linking problem.
  75. How do gif avatars work?
  76. Phone Version Issue
  77. How do I post pictures from my computer?
  78. "MERCH" Tab leads to 404 Error
  79. Trailer On Main Page Is Not There
  80. Difference between the Art section and Fanfiction & Art section?
  81. how do i set a gif as my avatar
  82. Issues With Registration
  83. Block certain words to be used in thread titles?
  84. New unlockable skins for ps4!
  85. Franchise Opportunities in India
  86. Wedding Videographers in Mumbai
  87. Franchise in India