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  1. Ask a Developer Discussion
  2. Info About Primal Carnage: Extinction
  3. kills assists and team play idea
  4. Primal Carnage Extinction?
  5. So what will be of regular Primal Carnage now?
  6. Primal Carnage Extinction Anniversary Giveaway
  7. The hype thread.
  8. In response to the teaser trailer..
  9. discount?
  10. New dlc spino skin
  11. So how 'bout them new skins?
  12. excuse me devs
  13. Extinction. Fitting.
  14. Why...
  15. Disgusted with Lukewarm!
  16. Where Is the Preorder Button!!!
  17. On forum whining and developer dishonesty
  18. RANT: Updates are new Games
  19. wtf is this
  20. "we're currently trying to organize a very large discount for [everyone who owns PC]"
  21. Circle 5 is not Lukewarm Media
  22. Acrocanthosaurus
  23. Is this the real Primal Carnage: Extinction BETA release date?
  24. How long will preorders be available?
  25. Primal Carnage: Extinction gone from Steam?
  26. Quote from an early Dev post about the Recode:
  27. PC:E is at PAX AUS
  28. which dino class are you going to play first?
  29. What Happened to the steam page?
  30. HDD Space
  31. The Primal Games?
  32. Woah! My gaaawd!
  33. What?
  34. Primal Carnage Anniversary Giveaway winners
  35. Is something delaying the pre-order?
  36. Let's Take a step back in time...
  37. Interview from pax Australia. (+small amount of gameplay)
  38. Early access it!!!!
  39. -1 to doomsday
  40. PC: Exctinction an E-sport?? Opinions/Reasons why it should/shouldnt be
  41. New map or Snowbound?
  42. Primal Carnage Gameplay Video Thunks and Thoughts
  43. Where do you pre-order the game?
  44. rex rampage for p.c.e
  45. the workshop
  46. PC:E Pyros are Bombs.
  47. Primal Carnage: Extinction new Beta release date ???
  48. Offline bots for Primal Carnage Extinction.
  49. Primal Carnage Extinction price?
  50. T.rex, Or Spino?
  51. Bunny hopping humans and kill steals.
  52. We need more people!
  53. which new subcass do you think we will see first if at all?
  54. Primal Carnage 2.0 is a lie?
  55. herbivore thread
  56. Which human class will you play first?
  57. Port Forwarding
  58. DLC Question
  59. Need information on 4-pack on PC:E
  60. Will this game ever be released on xbox one?
  61. Audio Settings in PC:E
  62. Uses of buildings
  63. PC:E Machinima
  64. First two posters get a DINOBUSTER SKIN CODE.
  65. Best moments thread
  66. Anger management/bad moments thread
  67. Tomorrow is the big day!!!
  68. So I found this...
  69. PC:E Trello Roadmap Discussion Thread
  70. Will this game be more optimized then the first one?
  71. Gonna Give Away Four Copies of PC:E!
  72. Today is the Big Day
  73. Free roam?
  74. Dinosaur Customisations
  75. Chill Out!
  76. What are you doing to pass the time?
  77. Yesterday is the big day!
  78. Question of Early Access
  79. Early access starts today right?
  80. Its Been an Hour Now
  81. PC:E is 60 bucks? What?
  82. Primal Carnage Extinction - Pingperfect Hosting
  83. IT'S OUT!
  84. its out
  85. Primal Cornage Breakfast cereal achievement
  86. Regarding Skins
  87. The Achievement Thread
  88. First Impressions
  89. Any drops yet?
  90. Setting up a Server
  91. has anyone else found the environmental hazard on atrium c?
  92. Extinction Guide for Beginners
  93. DAY ONE FIRST IMPRESSIONS -- Updated semi-frequently.
  94. So how are the spitters?
  95. First Impression - Sumup
  96. Upcoming Patch and the Known Issues Trello board.
  97. Easter Egg discussion thread
  98. Poor raptor.. What have you done to him?
  99. Servers
  100. How does the Item Drop system work?
  101. Pyro
  102. Steam error and claim.
  103. How do i open crates?
  104. Crates
  105. Publicity for the Game
  106. Really happy with this outcome
  107. Losing patience with Steam and Circle Five Studios.
  108. what happened to the spawn cave?
  109. Do you hate ptera's? do you wanna kill them in 1v1? Trapper is your answer
  110. Server Ports?
  111. how to use tyrants effectively
  112. the new course of PC:E
  113. A suggestion for a weapon.
  114. Small (Loot)
  115. One step forward, two steps back
  116. Thank you
  117. New weapons and gadgets ideas thread >>>>>
  118. Team balancing
  119. Favorite Map?
  120. PC:E Game Types/modes Thread
  121. Flying Trex
  122. My Legs Hurt...
  123. bug or am I doing it wrong? ptera and tupan
  124. Best moments
  125. Update?
  126. Primal Carnage: Extinction Early Access on Twitch TV - For Dev and Player Use
  127. My Alpha carno skin.
  128. So how much damage does each class do?
  129. Novaraptors now have JP3 raptor like nose crests?
  130. Mapping progress thread
  131. Review of Extinction Classes
  132. Anyone have a list of skins/cosmetics?
  133. Class cosmetics
  134. people don't get the meaning of free roam
  135. The King's Shackles: A Discussion on Tyrant Balance
  136. The nerf thread
  137. New subclass ideas
  138. Lets share Video's of our Greatest Moments of our PC:E Beta Days!
  139. Was there an update?
  140. How to create servers?
  141. No GTTC love?
  142. Secrets
  143. Opinions About The New TDM Maps
  144. Is there no way to kick people from servers..?
  145. U-Base a GTTC Map?
  146. Geothermal
  147. Just a comparison.
  148. Anyone missing the old pounce?
  149. Model porting
  150. Why Use the T. rex/Oviraptor?
  151. Funny Ragdoll Moments
  152. Parasaurolophus and Stegosaurus
  153. YouTubers play PC:E
  154. Can I see a screenshot of the quilled raptor in game?
  155. Extinction event question
  156. Why do I suck as a Carno
  157. To Those of You Who Think That---
  158. Lots
  159. Favourite novaraptor skin?
  160. The Truth About LoD (Tylo)
  161. Dilos and Cryos - weak & poor?...
  162. Wet Paper carno
  163. How to create a server with the new update?
  164. Anyone miss the old ptera?
  165. make the quills, spikes and long horns cosmetics available for each skin. yes or no?
  166. Playable Herbivores?
  167. Can somebody please tell me how to use the Dedicated Server Tool
  168. RE PC:E Machinima
  169. testing map
  170. Servers
  171. How to move around in spectator mode?
  172. Diggin around in files and...
  173. Gifting The Game.
  174. Okay, I'm rattled.
  175. Help me!
  176. Skins so far!
  177. How to open christmas crates?
  178. Most Horrifying Thing in PCE
  179. Will skins eventually be marketable?
  180. A tour of the past!
  181. A Merry Primal Christmas! (With Primal Carnage Themed Poem)
  182. Night Before Christmas Primal Carnage Version, MY Version!!!
  183. What is this?
  184. I think Tyrants need a bigger bite box
  185. Has anyone seen a Quilled raptor?
  186. Need help with setting up a server
  187. Why were the Dinosaurs created?
  188. Do Xmas crates expire?
  189. Pyro weapon ; a did you know ; molotov vs ornament grenade
  190. Loot and Crafting ideas.
  191. Falcon feathered raptor....
  192. The current dilo is...
  193. What happened to "The Killing Crew" servers?
  194. Dino-Crates
  195. Another one of those 1.3 was better threads, but slightly different in view.
  196. Santa Pyro
  197. Funny Screenies
  198. Question about the Santa Pyro...
  199. Uncommon human crate?
  200. Color Grading?
  201. Alpha raptor has dropped.
  202. New class Ideas.
  203. Trade Offer and a Question
  204. Well done Cretak
  205. Best ways to gain loot.
  206. LAN not working?
  207. Dedicated Server Help?
  208. Ptera Changes
  209. A question
  210. mini giveaway of Extinction, first come only served
  211. Soundtrack
  212. Warning about crates!
  213. Ragdolls are the best in this game
  214. How to, unban someone from your server
  215. PC vs PC:E
  216. Question: For those that know
  217. Are drops really more frequent?
  218. Worst and Best PC:E moments thread
  219. Skin list?
  220. Favourite dinosaur class to play as so far?
  221. Market ruined in 15 minutes
  222. Is Gold Netgun....rare?
  223. Will Christmas items be droppable in the future?
  224. Future Items
  225. we need an official thead about the loot system
  226. Sandstorm rex on my first dino crate
  227. Devs, Why drop crate items as loot?
  228. Steam Servers just went down.
  229. Candy Cane shotgun rarity
  230. Skin backstories
  231. About the christmas items and loot
  232. Few Questions about PC:E
  233. hmm where to report glitchers
  234. What are the Best Graphics
  235. Golden Shotgun
  236. Noob help
  237. Just a small question
  238. when will festive items stop?
  239. estimated player base for PC:E?
  240. please help me:firewall problem
  241. Can you make the 'Christmas Gifts' tradeable please?
  242. Legendary items
  243. Achievement Party
  244. Creation Software Questions
  245. how is carnotaurus OP?
  246. Questions
  247. I will help you get loot
  248. buying skin packs from carnage?????
  249. PC needs Competitive or Progression
  250. Friendly people in TDM matches ?