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  1. PCE National Bug Thread!!!!
  2. Submitting a bug report? Read this first.
  3. Sudden Loss of Connectivity
  4. Chat Glitch
  5. None of the DLC I purchased?
  6. Bad framerates? Read this.
  7. So many issues
  8. Cant Play
  9. Loadout while spectating is insanity
  10. Some Bugs That Happen To Me
  11. Volcano Spinosaur disappears
  12. New rounds not starting.
  13. Skin's extra/missing. and bug's
  14. Missing Collision Box
  15. tyrant head clipping through walls
  16. huge amounts of lag and dino heads not following curser.
  17. Glitchy Graphics and UI/ Other Issues so Far
  18. Raptor pounce sound and clipping bug.
  19. Filter not correct
  20. Day one first impressions -- updated semi-frequently.
  21. Pathy reload animation
  22. "Full" Controller Support?
  23. I've been hornswoggled!
  24. Server lag issues
  25. Did the hosting Ports change?
  26. Problem with shadows
  27. Steam community when in game
  28. Changing server
  29. Crouching Glitch?
  30. The drop of FPS - Dilo spit
  31. Extreme stuttering connected to playing sound files?
  32. fps issues
  33. Installing problems in 2 PCs...
  34. Ptera/Tupa bug on Valley
  35. Random Crash in the Loadaout/Inventory
  36. Ptera can't pick up a crouching player
  37. At risk of exposing myself for taking advantage of the system...
  38. Human Bullets not visible; human speed; raptor pounce aim and canceling it
  39. Again, but in a diffrent fasson "Servers"
  40. Failing to join server
  41. Game won't launch
  42. "Failed to pick class" message causes Mouse Cursor to be visible in-game
  43. Server keeps crashing
  44. Drops from the matches aren't given
  45. Items
  46. I can't join servers!
  47. Tylo's Bug Report Topic
  48. Tyrant Bite Needs Work
  49. Tyrant/Ptero death escape exploit
  50. Fatal error! Followed by game crashing.
  51. Missing Textures
  52. Crash
  53. Report Issues
  54. Items in steam inventory, but not in game.
  55. Free roam map.
  56. Dilo and Cryo
  57. Need help quick with purchase
  58. Unable to play Extinction - Does Not Load
  59. Fatal error!
  60. Human skins
  61. cant join servers
  62. Dinos getting stuck
  63. Carno "sprint hopping"
  64. Performance issues.
  65. Dilo Bug. Tyrant bug. Spawn bug.
  66. Digital Camo Netgun
  67. Steam hotkeys
  68. Poor Performance / Low FPS
  69. The Bald Pathfinder syndrome
  70. Stuck Inside A Raptor
  71. Gore UI
  72. Raptor and Ptera Combo Glitch
  73. Collision issue dump
  74. DOT not always applying for poor Dilo
  75. Audio randomly cuts out.
  76. Some Achievements Broken
  77. What ports must I port forward to host a Dedicated PC:E Server?
  78. Posting a chat message while the end of round scoreboard is up causes issues.
  79. Docks Tyrant problem/Ptera grab human camera
  80. Clip-Through Rock at Forest Chasm
  81. Chat Issue
  82. UI Bug with Trapper loadout
  83. How to Disable Timer with Dedicated Server Tool for ingame Clock?
  84. Can't get Primal Carnage Extinction to work on STEAM! Please Help
  85. Multiple small graphical bugs
  86. Strange Drop Bug
  87. OBS Crashes Game
  88. Buzzing strange audio
  89. Hosting a Server?
  90. Two people in the same household-servers
  91. where did my dlc skins go?
  92. Ptera Grab vs Human Crouch = glitch
  93. Please help
  94. Light bug in Marsh
  95. Crouching on the lifts makes you fall through them.
  96. Trapper Revolver Reload Animation Bug
  97. Bugs found in alien's video and T-Rex falling through Ruthless
  98. Installed the Game, it won't start
  99. Bugs
  100. A minor bug
  101. "No loot"
  102. C Button Issues
  103. Fall Damage?
  104. Raptor grabbed by Ptera in the air with pounced human.
  105. Trapper netted rex while he was eating a player
  106. Scientist's pose bug after Ptera grabbing.
  107. Raptor pouncing pose rotate itself on human.
  108. Missing Textures?
  109. Various Raptor and other bugs
  110. Fatal error after the end of the round
  111. Virtually Unplayable
  112. Title Screen: Soundtrack "doubling up" upon loop
  113. 12/6/2013- A Report of Some Encountered Technical Mishaps
  114. WebWings' Bugs and Issues Report
  115. Pyro Flamesaw Allows Ammo Restock While Firing
  116. Hosting bug
  117. Scientist loadout with Commando cosmetic
  118. Dinos can hurt each other
  119. Admin Commands, kill count, time?
  120. Clipping issue/report
  121. [MAP EXPLOIT] The Falls Rock ledge
  122. weird rex eating glitch
  123. Falling out of map in snowbound
  124. Prevent ptera grab with crouching
  125. Pteranodon Speed Glitch on The Falls
  126. Raptor/Trapper Net Glitch
  127. Watching the map from underside at the begining of round.
  128. Bugusers are coming
  129. Out of Valley and Pterosaurs NPC
  130. 2 Tyrant bugs
  131. Inadequate collision fieldfor container on Falls.
  132. Can't join any Server?
  133. Odd pouncing bug
  134. Battle Scarred T-Rex has the Carno roar icon
  135. Alpha Carno skin texture mishap
  136. Flying T-rex
  137. Still Virtually Unplayable
  138. Humans spawning on top of dino corpses
  139. Chomping Pyro
  140. Dedicated Server Issue
  141. Fire does not prevent Pteras from grabbing Humans
  142. No sound in game.
  143. Primal Carnage Dedicated Server Tool Help :)
  144. Ptero avoidance exploit
  145. Primal Carnage Dedicated Server Tool
  146. Agent Trapper Glasses and Dinobuster set not appearing in inventory
  147. Hunter pounce repelled mid-air
  148. Fatal Error!
  149. Game has told me 3 times I've gotten loot, none has appeared in my inventory.
  150. Issue with my skins..
  151. Unable to join server across the board
  152. The Ptera Forest Chasm Ultra Bug
  153. Ptera bug
  154. Spawn glitch with Rex in Ruthless
  155. Server Batch file, General questions.
  156. Lost Skins
  157. Fatal error come back
  158. Server issues?
  159. PC:E Launches but does not open
  160. How do i start a server that my friends can join?
  161. Tyrant Instant kill bug, Super Trapper bug
  162. 13 Sniper tranqs insta-kills any dinosaur
  163. skin pack not appearing help
  164. An Unusual Drop
  165. Unfinished landscape/things on PC:E's maps.
  166. God Mode Bug
  167. Thought I would report this for the developers.
  168. Dilo related bugs
  169. Some issues with the pounce
  170. Losing connection in game
  171. Dedicated Server Crashed During Map Change
  172. Tyrant Bite/Eat Attack Issues...
  173. Inside the Pyro's head
  174. Flamethrower/chainsaw sound bug.
  175. Crouch Bug
  176. T-Rex Insta-death
  177. Audio stutter causes massive FPS and freezes
  178. Verdant Cliff Exploit
  179. Pyro setting other humans on fire
  180. in game issue
  181. Got an odd one for the commando
  182. Raptor performance and bugs thread
  183. First impression and problems
  184. cant join deathmatch servers
  185. Talon's bug report
  186. So....This happened.
  187. No Agent Trapper Glasses & Dinobuster Goggles
  188. Small issues in GTTC maps
  189. Fus' Exploit and Glitch Diary
  190. Game stops responding shortly after logging into server.
  191. Achivement Bug
  192. Ptera grab yet not grab glitch
  193. Server connection loss after 10-15 seconds + skins not loading
  194. Bugs of tyrants, hunters and other tips that should improve the game.
  195. 2 bugs
  196. invisible bullets still a problem for all but commando
  197. Can't run while netted (carno)
  198. Game keeps freezing
  199. Bugs I've noticed.
  200. Raptor Mountain Climber
  201. Not sure if this is intentional or not...
  202. The lack of pistol reloading animation's sound, animation of pistol's reloading bug
  203. Dilo Clubhouse achivement bugged
  204. Dinos can stop each other from healing
  205. Clipping through/getting stuck in places
  206. Long Freezes and/or Crash when getting Ammo
  207. Achievements not working
  208. So uhhhh.........what do I even call this?
  209. Fell down from the Airbase map.
  210. The darkness Dilo
  211. Update #3 List of Bugs
  212. A new crash
  213. OTS Camer Mishap with Head Camera
  214. Recent update took all skins / cosmetics away
  215. Pounce maybe glitched?
  216. Utility wall hitbox issue
  217. Some Problems Patch #3
  218. another pounce bug you didn't notice
  219. Audio based performance issues?
  220. Patch 3 bug: no recoil for 2D scope. Unoptimised 3D scope.
  221. Patch 3 bug: no reloading animation in TPP mode. Lack of animations in TPP mode.
  222. Skins Gone?
  223. Contengy elevator bugged
  224. Clipping rock on SnowBound.
  225. Patch 3 bug(s): unfinished landscape in PC:E's maps.
  226. Patch 3 bug: a problem with camera.
  227. Patch #3 not downloading
  228. No biggy, but SO annoying
  229. Flying Oviraptors!
  230. Skins and Loot Problems
  231. Carno helmet Glitch
  232. Tyrant eat glitch
  233. Patch 3 bug: felling down from the map after pouncing.
  234. Patch Broke Server? Server issues
  235. Game loads a 1 frame every 3 seconds
  236. Occasional "Hiccups" during gameplay?
  237. NEW BUG IN PATCH 3 - pteras and nades
  238. Raptor Pounce Randomly Canceling
  239. Glitched Map Textures
  240. Humans able to scale vertical walls.
  241. Gunfire interrupts music
  242. No Pre-Order Raptor Skin. Please Fix.
  243. Still Able to Hurt Other Teammates and Other Issues
  244. Server system error - cannot start PC:E server msvcr110.ddl error
  245. Small Qualms/Suggestions for improvement
  246. Missing (never received) Uncommon Volcano Spino skin
  247. Patch 3 bug: missing hair/cosmetic items.
  248. Raptor not being trapped by net during pounce jump
  249. Patch 3 bug: pounce bug.
  250. A weird problem... Plz Help