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  1. The Market Thread
  2. Skin and variant trading thread
  3. My trading offers
  4. My trade list
  5. Cat's Trade Stuff
  6. Cretaks Trade List
  7. DinoBear's trading center
  8. Canis' Den o' Deals
  9. Run And Bite's Trade Offers
  10. JohnJurgo's Trades
  11. Feathered raptor trade reserve.......willing to pay a nice price
  12. Rare Items in exchange for Snow Rex
  13. Pod's trading list. Snow Rex, Earmuffs, ETC.
  14. Omnomn's Trading Post
  15. demoxo's tradelist
  16. Yolaak's Trading
  17. Sanguis' Goods and Not-so-Goods
  18. Shemp's Trading Shack
  19. Pug's trades :3
  20. So who, if anyone is planning to sell their Feathered Novaraptor on the market?
  21. Pinata's Super Duper Market Thread
  22. [WTT] Inventory list for Alpha Carnotaurus
  23. I need a sandstorm rex
  24. Mushroom's Market (MM)
  25. Carnage trade thread
  26. SilentCicada's Tradables
  27. Bart's Bazar
  28. Milokamil's goods (pretty buffed) :}
  29. Alijar's trading wares
  30. Kadro's Trades
  31. Talon's market thread
  32. WTB: santa hat, pyro and tank + featherd raptor
  33. Epic Backpack and trade :)
  34. War Bear's trade thread.
  35. Gr3y's Trades
  36. Heratik's list of trade goods
  37. _Max's trades
  38. Terror's Tiny Tradables
  39. Flish's Market
  40. Shadow's inventory
  41. Skin huntin' ;0;
  42. Looking for Snow Rex and Rex Ear Muffs
  43. Falcon nova...buying at 20 keys, negotiable...
  44. Alpha carno...paying 20 keys
  45. Sinncrow's Mini-Mart
  46. Paying 15 keys and above for the following...
  47. Tene's Tradeable Treasures
  48. My trade list
  49. DaWarMachine's Goods Exchange
  50. Bunny's buying!
  51. Buying 1 Alpha Carno-30 keys ($60)
  52. Twi's Trades
  53. Keys Purchasing Centre (includin' for dino crates and rare stuff)
  54. Ventarix's Trades
  55. [H] Sandstorm Dilo [W] Other Dino
  56. Karades's Trade's
  57. [H] Desert Camo Netgun [W] Other Netgun
  58. [H] Candy Cane Flamesaw [W] Offers
  59. tyrants traindig grownds
  60. 3 skins for a boat load of loot
  61. [H] Rare Alpha Pteranodon [W] Offers
  62. 100 Keys for sale..
  63. Rare sandstorm rex for sale...
  64. Ear Muffs Trading!
  65. Gorgeous, rare ALPHA CARNO FOR SALE ! ;D
  66. [H]Sandstorm rex [W]Alpha ptera
  67. Airy's Market
  68. Katlinis Lil Shop
  69. 1 Time offer for Alpha Carno
  70. Gecko's Items Galore (Not Really)
  71. Buying crates for keys :d
  72. The Wyvern's Hoard
  73. Megabassīs Trading Offers
  74. H>Uncommon Sand Cryo W>offer
  75. Buying 2 Dino crates per KEY
  76. WTB/WTS
  77. [H]Candy Cane Flamesaw and Uncommon Frosty Dartgun [W]Arctic Novaraptor
  78. Luftwaffle's Trade Offers
  79. H]Sandstorm NovaraptorW]Sandstorm Carnotaurus
  80. Crates for Skin.
  81. One Store to Rule them All
  82. Jurassic4LIFE's Market Listings.
  83. My dupes for your dupes
  84. Buying an Alpha Carno with Multiple Tier 2 Items.
  85. Sato's Absurd Bartering
  86. Buying Alpha carno
  87. Looking to trade for either feathered/alpha/falcon raptor
  88. [H] 90% off Postal [W] PCE card if you don't mind
  89. Buying Original Feathered Raptor!
  90. Wts/Wtt feathered raptor skin (also when will it be allowed to sell?)
  91. {HAVE} Sandstorm rex {WANT} Snow rex
  92. Selling Rare Alpha carno!
  93. Buying earmuffs
  94. Selling my valuables
  95. Sand rexes for sale~!
  96. Thinking about selling my alpha carno or sandstorm rex
  97. Malur's Trade Offers
  98. Toa's Tricky Terrible but not Trifling Trade Time
  99. Looking to trade for feathered raptor skin.
  100. Spare sandy rex for anybody ;0;
  101. Want to trade for Alpha Carno
  102. Frank's trade list
  103. Trade: I offer Novaraptor and Dilo earmuffs
  104. [W] Ptera earmuffs [H] Tupa earmuffs
  105. Offering Sandstorm Pteranodon!
  106. Splash's trades
  107. Want Sandstorm Rex
  108. Possible Large Sum of Keys for Feathered Raptor (Still in deciding)
  109. buying candy cane shotgun! i have keys!
  110. Criofans Tradingcenter
  111. My Sandstorm Rex is on the Market
  112. Willing to Trade a few things for a Snow or Sandstorm Rex.
  113. Selling-Sand rex, Snow rex
  114. Trading for snow/sandstorm rex
  115. an alpha for an alpha
  116. Any few things from my inventory for snow rex
  117. I would like to trade my Alpha Carno for a Feathered Raptor
  118. [H] Alpha carno and sandstorm rexes [W] Offers
  119. Buying Feathered Raptor for $100
  120. John's Junk Trades
  121. ( Closed )
  122. i have an alpha ptera for a snow rex!
  123. WTB alpha raptor
  124. Paying TF2 METAL for any PCE item
  125. WTB/WTT Alpha Novaraptor (possibly Falcon, too)
  126. Looking to buy or trade for a falcon raptor
  127. [WTB] Alpha Novaraptor [H] Alpha Carno + Lots More
  128. Sandstorm Rex for Snow Rex
  129. Anyone still interested in a classic feathered raptor?
  130. Buying Snow Rex
  131. Sandstorm rex for alpha ptera.
  132. Who wants Sandstorm Nova?
  133. [WTT] Alpha Pteranodon for Alpha Carnotaurus
  134. Shemp's Crate Shed
  135. Crates for keys
  136. 2 sand rexs for any alpha
  137. alpha carno
  138. Quick giveaway
  139. |H| anything in my inventory, |W| any offers,
  140. Buying snow rex
  141. Paying more than I should for Alpha Raptor!
  142. SuperNovas Crate(s) for stuff(s) Trading Shop
  143. Umm any one what to trade there alpha or Falcon Raptor for my fetherd one?
  144. Tradering
  145. selling iteams
  146. Inu shop
  147. Can someone give me a "Alpha Carnotaurus" a "Sandstorm Rex" or any skin? (See explana
  148. Drawing shop
  149. Hobo's Trading
  150. DinoKeiser's trade center
  151. Willing to create an offer for a Feathered Raptor.
  152. Alpha carno sale!
  153. Primal Carnage Wallpapers!
  154. Want Alpha Carno + Snow Rex with Low Prio
  155. Looking to buy novaraptor skins
  156. {HAVE} Snow rex {WANT} Offers
  157. Have [ALPHA DILO], want raptor skins
  158. Alpha Ptera for Alpha Carno anyone?
  159. Cello's Trade Station
  160. Nazo's Trading Bundles
  161. Buying Alpha Novaraptor
  162. Locharsa's Oddly Large Accumulation of Stuff
  163. Alpha Ptera for sale.
  164. Toa's Different Dino Crate Collection.
  165. Buying viper dilo
  166. [Have] 20 Dino Crates [Want] Offers
  167. Shade's Trade
  168. Loot servers "legal"
  169. Looking to trade half my skins (Or at least what's left for now...) for Alpha Ptera
  170. Regarding Feathered Nova
  171. Regarding Alpha Raptor
  172. Trading Feathered Raptor for Alpha Skins
  173. looking to trade your alpha raptor for my feathered one are you?......
  174. trade snow ovi for snow t-rex
  175. tading for alpha novaraptor
  176. Alpha Raptor?
  177. Design a Dinosaur Shop
  178. Novaraptor Ear Muffs. Open to offers.
  179. Anybody want any human crates?
  180. Looking For Red Feathered NovaRaptor
  181. [H]Green Long Horn Carno [W] Key
  182. [H]Emerald Ovi [W] Offers
  183. Dino crate 2 and blood longhorn carno to buy for 5 euro (each) ! <><><><><><><><>
  184. trading for keys. pls
  185. Trading for Dart Dilo and Alpha Raptor
  186. Trading gold netgun
  187. Magmatic Nova for SALE
  188. [H] Emerald Ovi [W] other #2 skins
  189. Looking to get some keys
  190. Buying Alpha Novaraptor For $50!
  191. SuperTrading
  192. Want Magmatic Nova and Flaming Dart Dilo pay with Keys
  193. [H]Emerald Ovi, Green Longhorn Carno [W]Offers
  194. Trade
  195. trade
  196. Some Alpha dino or rare skin. 14 ITEMS!
  197. Willing to trade anything I have for brimstone raptor
  198. Alpha Carnotaurus, 15 items
  199. I offer a Dinocrate V2
  200. [W] Clash [H] Skirmish
  201. Trading for Snow rex, alpha carno, and alpha raptor
  202. i will give u anything in my inventory u want for a alpha nova
  203. 10 crates for one key
  204. Magmatic Nova Up for Trade
  205. Anyone have a...
  206. Trading my extra snakeskin novaraptor
  207. Selling an Orange Beret for 7 keys
  208. TJT's Key Giveaways! - [Closed]
  209. Does anyone have a Eagle Ovi
  210. 15 Dino Crate #1 or 17 normal items for Alpha Carno
  211. [H] Snow Rex. [W] Alpha Carnotaurus
  212. fetherd rapter up for trade for alpha rapter
  213. Few things for trade
  214. Looking for an alpha carno
  215. wtt sandstorm rex
  216. Got any dino crate 2? anybody? If you do, you can have anything in my inventry :3
  217. WTT Flaming Dart Dilo
  218. [T] Steam Games for Common/Uncommon items.
  219. |H| Sandstorm Rex + Alpha Carno |W| Feathered Raptor or Alpha Raptor
  220. Offering: Dino Crate #2
  221. [H] Alpha Carno [W] Alpha Raptor or Dino Crate 2's (maybe keys)
  222. Have Alpha Raptor want Brimstone Raptor
  223. sand storm dilo for flaming venom fang dilo....
  224. Trading rare chef hat
  225. Looking For A Key
  226. [H] Emerald Ovi [W] Magma Raptor or Flaming Dilo
  227. Trading Sandstorm Rex for Ivory Tupa or an Alpha
  228. DinoBoy's Trading Thread
  229. Fair Offer for Alpha Novaraptor
  230. WTS alpha raptor
  231. Got 10 keys looking for offers.
  232. Write a dino haiku and get free common skins
  233. Buying 2 snow rex
  234. Dino crate 2 for.... something cool
  235. Dino crate #2's...
  236. (H)Golden/candy shotgun
  237. Important; Today only!
  238. Ruby-Talon's Trading Thread (Open)
  239. Sale Alpha Raptor !! Want offers
  240. H: Black ovi, Alpha carno, and Ivory tupa W: Offers
  241. Trading my Rare Ivory Tupa for Alpha Ptera
  242. Got 13 keys, looking for offers.
  243. [H] Dinocrate #2 }W{ any rare item...
  244. Looking for a key
  245. alpha ptra?
  246. Got 2 crate #2's and 14 keys looking for offers.
  247. Looking for Ruby Oviraptor - Offers please
  248. Dino Crate #2 for trade!
  249. Trading my Dino Crate 2's etc for wanted skins
  250. Trading drawings for keys