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  1. Look at this right here
  2. Differences between PS4 & PC version?
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  4. shall the count down begain
  5. Primal carnage extinction released "early"
  6. Pce for uk?
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  8. Karma Feedback
  9. ok now this is bull crap
  10. No primal carnage extinction for the netherlands? ps4
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  13. Pterodactyl Training
  14. Gourmet not unlocking
  15. Survival Mode
  16. Ps4 version
  17. Balance Wishlist (PS4 Version)
  18. Week 1 almost no crashes/ Week 2 frequent crashing
  19. When will this game release?
  20. First PS4 Impressions from a long time ago PC player.
  21. Alpha Ptera Skin
  22. Most common players?
  23. Why can't we get to the chopper?
  24. Beginners Guide
  25. New update causes Crashes
  26. No patch notes for 1.0.3? (PS4)
  27. Alpha Carno
  28. Will Primal Carnage be released on Portugal?
  29. When will the PS4 get CU2 and the Christmas Update???
  30. Do you need PLATSTATION PLUS to play Primal Carnage? Please help
  31. Multiplayer
  32. Update for PSVR when the time comes?
  33. only 1 buck ffor two leadendarys as dlc
  34. so, uh, how do you join a friend who is playing the game?
  35. When we will be able to play this game in EU?
  36. Let's Play Friendly?
  37. DLC disappeared
  38. A free trial.
  39. Trophy Guide
  40. New Motion Blur Effects problem PS4
  41. I just bought this game and I have a few questions
  42. Dino healing issue
  43. Worth a buy?
  44. Player Based Hosting Makes Game Unplayable
  45. Panic Button, I urge you to improve your PR/advertising
  46. Review: 8.5/10
  47. Unlocking skins
  48. Day/Night cycles. And more feathered raptors for PS4?
  49. Vehicles and maps
  50. PS4 getting Vehicles?
  51. Free roam progression system?
  52. Novaraptor Skins
  53. Hunting
  54. Think of the pteranodons!!!
  55. Plz update primal Ps4
  56. Update PS4 coming?
  57. How do you even get taunts ?
  58. Solid Wood Dining Table Set Uk