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  1. [Docks] Issues
  2. The shadow of floating arms appears, when you use your throwable items.
  3. [Build 6427] Issue with Field Of View settings.
  4. [Build 6427] Ammo being used regenerates.
  5. [Build 6427] You can give yourself assist points
  6. comandos gun does weird things when reloading
  7. Tupa Texture Problems Open Testing
  8. Commando holds gun weird and bullets come out of weird areas as tyrant
  9. [Build 6427] Broken brightness/or unknown chages of Tupa's skins.
  10. [Build 6427][AI-Geothermal]This map is missing.
  11. [Commando]
  12. 6427 Downpour
  13. Pyro flaregun does headshot damage
  14. Guns in arms goes crazy when look straight up.
  15. Survival
  16. [Build 6427] Stamina drain during the jump with holding shift button.
  17. [Build 6427] AI bots issues
  18. [Build 6255] [UtilityBaseSnow] No texture inside the hangar
  19. [Build 6255] Commando doesn't hold the rifle properly in customisation menu.
  20. [Build 6302] Taunt Animation Plays Only Once