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  1. Dinosaur Auditions
  2. Game Mode/Map Suggestions
  3. Weapon Suggestions
  4. Achievement Concept thread
  5. Skin Ideas
  6. class name suggestions thread
  7. Grouping suggestion ingame.
  8. Pyro
  9. My old Marine Reptile gamemode thread relinked
  10. Map Ideas
  11. NPC suggestions/auditions thread
  12. cosmetics idea thread
  13. About the introduction of playable class in the website
  14. Dinosaur auditions for extinction
  15. Idea for Primal Carnage: Extinction Second Trailer
  16. Which Map are you most excited for?
  17. bunny hopping and you(re opinion)
  18. I think.
  19. improvements to the current dino classes
  20. Updated - wanted features
  21. New dinosaur classes and A human class
  22. a few ideas for primal carnage extinction
  23. should the primal carnage spinosaurus have its name changed?
  24. Training map suggestion
  25. Carcass and Restock Station Suggestions
  26. (IDEA) Limited Skin Customization Making
  27. pachy, cerato, and acro discussion thread
  28. Now theres D-Rex in JW, why dont Circle5 make their own hybrid class??
  29. Kill/death System
  30. hunt mode suggestions
  31. Alternative Roars Thread
  32. Tyrant size change
  33. Pros and cons
  34. DiloOfSunlight's analysis: The Dilo: Ressurection
  35. Some Feedback on Gameplay
  36. Pterosaurs the new Raptor?
  37. My Feedback
  38. humans move to quick
  39. Karma's Meaningless Opinions on PC:E
  40. Fix the Shotgun!
  41. So, Pteranodons need a nerf...
  42. Bloom Intensity
  43. difficulty redeeming steam code
  44. My problem with PCE.
  45. What happened to the raptor?
  46. DinoBear's small bit of feedback
  47. Instant/OP death as Dinos?
  48. Tyrants overnerfed
  49. Suggestion: Lore(journal pages)
  50. Primal Carnage Extintion's movement and animation: first impression.
  51. Extinction Roadmap and Known Issues
  52. My thoughts on PC:E
  53. So Novaraptor is pretty useless now.
  54. Mini-Map?
  55. Camera discussion
  56. Dinosaur class variations
  57. Font size
  58. Low graphics... ugh...
  59. My Feedback
  60. Suggestions for Sub-Classes
  61. Worried about design
  62. my vison of pce
  63. general class feedback
  64. Dilo Spit causes extreme lag
  65. OP classes
  66. General Impressions
  67. loot screen
  68. Feedback from a Jaded Primal Veteran
  69. Balance out classes
  70. Just a possible future skin suggestion.
  71. So Human Bots?
  72. A rant on new default textures.
  73. Broken Dinosaurs
  74. Crouching to prevent foliage movement? (Suggestion)
  75. Terror's Tiny Feedback
  76. Carol's Feedback
  77. Flish's Feedback
  78. Jurassic's Feedback
  79. Hazard ideas :)
  80. Idea to reward teamplayers with drops
  81. Minor suggestion: Melee weapons and passive melee
  82. Oviraptor utility change on Roar
  83. ptera needs balancing
  84. Complains with novaraptor
  85. Cosmetic Drop Suggestion
  86. Human Speed
  87. Scientist Scope Sensitivity
  88. What's the point of tupa?
  89. On the theory of Biting
  90. Interactable Objects
  91. Phoenix Corp security and private military classes for human team
  92. Make other smaller dino's than rex/spino be able to go trough them
  93. Why hasnt the human speed been adressed yet?
  94. Thoughts from a returning player
  95. Tyrants from Patch #2
  96. Feedback/Improvements
  97. Poor oviraptor
  98. Reinventing the wheel
  99. More Dino head cams please
  100. Idea for Dino Animation
  101. The height of raptor should be reduce.
  102. Balance discussion thread
  103. Ovi & Tupa Criticism/Suggestion Megadump
  104. Extinction Flight Mechanics
  105. Tupa alternate attack idea
  106. Humans stealing kills from Trapper
  107. Bunch of findings on this build balance/bugs/features
  108. Dilophosaurus Ideas
  109. Backwards LOD
  110. Health and why it's needed
  111. I Just Played This Game Today, And...
  112. Cryolophosaurus
  113. Please put a player limit on tyrants.
  114. Free Roam Loot?
  115. Ideas for New Human weapons
  116. Boring Skin Names
  117. Balance Ideas
  118. Ideas: Taunts
  119. Custom splits
  120. Raptor buff, Ptera nerf please
  121. Things so far (Dinosaur team)
  122. Pistol Amno
  123. Party system
  124. On second thought...
  125. ptera netting
  126. forced 'nade reloading
  127. Has this game lost all skill?
  128. skin buffs, a idea to add a little more dieverseraty to classes
  129. My In-Depth Feedback and Suggestions
  130. The buffs and nerfs to the Flyer class
  131. Balance Suggestions Megapost
  132. Dear Developers,
  133. Nades are the complete opposite for me.
  134. Tupa Suggestion
  135. the tyrant bite boxs
  136. Raptor is still terrible, somehow (Arguably) even worse than before.
  137. Is the game one-sided to dinos again?
  138. Observation and feedback for dinos
  139. Ptera grab cooldown when damaged?
  140. Thoughts on human team.
  141. Secondary Throwables and Equipable Melee slots
  142. rate servers. yes or no?
  143. dilo and cryo spit balance and game-play issues
  144. Patch #3/Game Feedback
  145. Favorite Dinosaur Class?
  146. PC:E dinosaur controls feel clunky
  147. Wny the luck based effects?
  148. Simple fixes that we really need to get with incoming patch
  149. Ptera's and Tupan's that crash into the ground should take damage/die
  150. Old pounce in addition to new?
  151. Trapper mines friendly fire
  152. A quick question about Tyrants
  153. Medkits are broken against raptors.
  154. Feedback
  155. Map Suggestions
  156. Scientist Healthpacks are Rediculous
  157. Should shotgun shots count as individuals rather than as 'magazine'?
  158. Paradise Lost
  159. Old Dilo Spit & Old Tranquilizer Should Return!
  160. Spectator Camera & HUD Toggle Ciminactic Issues
  161. I'm Getting Worried
  162. Fix the Ptera's seemingly 10ft grab radius
  163. Make Carno less 'rammy' and more 'brawly' - Introduce a 'rammy' Triceratops class
  164. Thoughts on drops/crates..
  165. Shemp's thoughts and opions on the Economy Sysytem (Economy Vs. DLC)
  166. Pteranodon Dropping Pathies/Commandos Issue
  167. Proposed Carno fixes
  168. Do you want balance?
  169. Maps
  170. getting firewall error
  171. Dilo & Cryo earmuffs are waaay to small
  172. Sandstorm ptera....
  173. Novaraptor Camera Feedback
  174. Team balance
  175. New Favorite Skins?
  176. Another Balance Suggestion Thread Topic Thing
  177. Dilo and Cryo aiming
  178. Misleading Commando crosshairs
  179. Commando Grenade Launcher
  180. Pyro flamesaw ammo bug - regarding commando ammo box
  181. Hunt Mode: What it could be.
  182. Ideas & Feedback - Marmalade
  183. human class variations idea
  184. My Random Suggestions after muckin about...
  185. Very little reward
  186. Will the old Ptera grab come back? Please come back.
  187. Novaraptor and Oviraptor Class Differentiation
  188. Taunts/Voice Commands
  189. Male scientist !!!!????
  190. Acrocanthosaurus
  191. diffrent class of sub class
  192. A minor Pathfinder irk that I'd love to have fixed
  193. Team damage?
  194. Large dinosaur attack
  195. Trappers should be limited...
  196. Suiciding System
  197. Carnotaurus is somewhat underpowered.
  198. CAUTION: Playing as a trapper threatens with psychical breakdown!
  199. Toxicity
  200. Ammo and health drop critique.
  201. Mostly no one wants to play for a humans and me neither
  202. Sniper needs a major tweak
  203. Rogue Petras
  204. Game chat suggestion.
  205. Minor Suggestion: Rotating "Favorite" Skins
  206. Some Class rethinks
  207. Raptor Pounce
  208. Game mode ideas!
  209. Contest ideas
  210. balancing solutions
  211. Cosmetics that could effect gameplay
  212. Change Loot Drops
  213. What's the point of seeing other's drops?
  214. About spectator camera..
  215. Skin name ideas
  216. GttC timer
  217. Spino needs some help (And a little for Rexie, too)
  218. Trapper Nets Working Exact Opposite of How They Should?
  219. Bring Back The Beauty
  220. A way to bring suspense
  221. A visible timer for lasting roars
  222. the number of players listed at server brows is not real
  223. New Sneak Animations
  224. trapper nets are op on carno and trex
  225. camoflargeing carnotaurus in hunt mode instead and make new foilage
  226. Progress Skin Unlocks
  227. Ptera kill deny
  228. What do humans lack?
  229. Tupa got nerfed with new fly style
  230. some bugs from the latest patch and suggestions for future updates.
  231. computer suggestions
  232. New ptera grab barely works if theres a tiny amount of lag
  233. Oviraptor too stronk
  234. My Evaluation of Patch #4
  235. Quick Post-Patch Feedback
  236. Patch 0.9. thought and opinions.
  237. Dinos are broken?
  238. Patch 4 Feedbackz
  239. A fair review (just because)
  240. Pyro Feels Wrong
  241. Whole patch is a bug :(
  242. Dinosaur Overhaul
  243. Speaking up in favor of the new patch
  244. Just a small little music thought
  245. Join server issues + suggestions
  246. Ummmmmmmmmmmm..........
  247. human addition thread
  248. Dinosaur skin looks weird?
  249. Different Weapons
  250. Save the alpha raptor