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  1. How to get your system specs
  2. How to submit a report
  3. Update your drivers
  4. My game is laggy :C
  5. How do you get primal carange to play. Having problems
  6. Game Crashing, other issues when rejoining servers afterwards.
  7. Skin Lost
  8. Technical Issues and Bugs!??!!? like no ♥♥♥♥
  9. No servers
  10. primal carnage 1.3 will not load
  11. wont update?
  12. Novaraptor pounce buggy on GTTC
  13. Net glitch
  14. Firewall, that firewall
  15. Can't start the game via steam
  16. Help, it looks like its morning but its supposed to be daytime.
  17. v1.3.0 Abilities - Character can't move!
  18. game key and dlc/skins unaccessible in old forums PM?
  19. My friends account was hacked
  20. What happened to my skins?
  21. install issues, causing problems
  22. How to Change my Resolution to 1360 x 768???
  23. Please for teh love of god fix the raptors specail move (Right click)
  24. lighting error
  25. Game won't load
  26. Glitch teleporting in Multiplayer ruining gaming experience - Original Primal Carnage