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    Clan Scrimmages

    Only team leaders should post that their team is available for scrims and only team leaders should be arranging scrims with other teams. Please do not try to arrange scrims with other teams if you aren’t a team leader.

    Please keep chatter out of this topic; please only use this topic to announce that your team wants to have a scrimmage. If there is a team in this topic that your team wishes to have a scrim with, please send a message to the team leader(s) to avoid cluttering the topic and make it easier for people to sort through the posts. Be respectful; do not come into this topic raging against the other team if your team lost. On the same note, winning teams, please do not come in here putting down teams you defeated.

    If you want to announce that your team wants to scrim with other teams, you may use this format if you so wish. Feel free to remove or add fields, or simply announce that your team wants to have a scrimmage with another team. Post any information that you think is relevant. This form is simply there to make it easier for other teams. If there is any information you want to add, you should add it. If you have posted here and the information is out of date, your team is no longer interested in having scrimmages, or your team has disbanded, please edit your post rather than make a new post.

    Team Name:
    Team Leader(s): Who can be contacted to arrange scrimmages?
    Available Time(s): Include the time zone.
    Preferred Server Location: European, East Coast of the US, etc.
    Match Conditions
    Game Type: Do you prefer GTTC, CTE, or TDM (swap or no swap)?
    Match Length: How long do you want each match to be?
    Map Choice: How are maps chosen (e.g., each team alternates between choosing maps)? Do you have any preferred maps?
    Preferred Number of Players: Can be a minimum number of players on each team, a general amount (e.g., around six players for each team), a maximum number of players on each team, etc.
    Limits: Is your team okay with clipping through walls to attack, going up certain rocks they shouldn’t be able to climb (e.g., the rocks next to the ravine in Forest Chasm), boosting, etc? Is rex allowed? If so, will there be a timer on the rex? Any other particular rules you want to establish can go here.
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