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    Protect Our Tyrant

    Don't want anyone claiming my idea as theirs so reposting this. Currently not working so I cannot host this event at the moment.

    Protect Our Tyrant

    This event requires a team of at least 5, prizes will only be given to 7 members. This will be a team v team event. There is no "home" team, so sign ups will effect how feasible this event will be.

    - One person from each team will be the Tyrant during the dino round
    - The aim is to keep your Tyrant alive, and the team with the Tyrant left standing for the longest time + killing the other tyrant the fastest will be the winner
    - Respawns are allowed team mates, but as soon as your Tyrant dies they are out and your round as dino ends

    - No doubles of any class
    - Only the people registered and tagged will be allowed to play.
    - You can only register with one team.
    -Tyrant may not be aggressive, you cannot heal unless dropped prey by a ptera or if you snap up a pounced victim. If as tyrant you are pinned, you can stomp on people to continue moving but you cannot feed unless the human is is pinned.
    -Chat must be civil
    - All players must keep moving, tyrant is allow to use the environment as a shield for 30 seconds before they must move. So no hiding behind large cliffs camping a win!

    On hold till sufficient sign-ups occur

    If we reach at least 8 teams Prizes will be the following:

    Top Dogs:
    Premium Skin pack or IOU for next released premium(or subclass) pack or team can vote to get 2 copies of primal to invite others to the game and banner of participation

    2nd Bananas:
    Any regular skin pack now or in the future> or team can choose to pool the prize to get one copy of primal to give away and banner of participation

    3rd place:
    Banner of participation displayed here

    Teams sign up format:[PM ME THE LIST LEADER]
    Team Name:

    Times you're team would be available for: [12pm-9pm EST/gmt-5] < give a range within there some where
    Team Leader:
    Team members:

    Label who will be playing your tyrant in some way


    Teams signed up:


    September 2014 - No sign ups and put on indefinite hold
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