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    Smile How to Make a Dedicated Server?

    I am so sorry if this is posted in the wrong place, I only just started playing Primal Carnage this year, and I signed up to the forum just to ask this question. I don't mean to repost old topics or anything but I'm not sure where to find the information I'm looking for. I would really like to make a dedicated server for my friends and I, as well as other random people who would like to play, but I'm not sure how. All of my googleing and searching of this forum leads to year old posts back when the server tool(which I wasn't an early enough player to use before it stopped) and to complicated code stuff I really don't understand... So I was wondering what the easiest way to make a dedicated server was.

    I noticed that there are websites such as BlueFang and PingPerfect who will host servers for payment, so I was wondering if that was the only way to make a dedicated server. If it is, that's no big deal, I can handle that. But if it is the only way, then my other question is how easy it is to actually get the server up and running if you go the rout of pingperfect. Is there a tool, or is all the coding I've seen in other posts still a necessity.

    Honestly, I would love an answer about how people do this without sarcastic, "it's magic" comments from people in-game. I love this game, and want it to thrive and want to help it thrive, and others should want to do the same. So how do people go about making a dedicated server in this year of 2014? Also, is it worth setting up a server currently with 2.0's eventual release. Any help would be appreciated.

    Once again, if I am posting this in the wrong place, or inappropriately at all, I am sorry. I'm just so confused.

    Thank you for your time, I appreciate it,
    - Raven

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    I'm looking forward to this as well, considering I also love this game and have failed making a server of my own and no one enters. So, it may be time and patience but Imma be stalking this thread and see if anyone does answer it, will be polite on diecting us where we can start. ^^;

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    So I use another tool I made to launch my regular server(s) so I can't really give you that - but here's a batch file I use to launch my testing server. So copy and paste this into your editor of choice and save it as a .bat file - mines just called "run.bat")

    .\Binaries\Win32\PrimalCarnageGame.exe server PC-TheFalls?MaxPlayers=8?AdminPassword=Password?MyServerName="MPQC's Test Server"?steamsockets?Game=PrimalCarnageGame.PC_GameInfo?listen
    Once you have the bat file, simply place it into the root of your primal directory (default is at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\primal_carnage I believe - but I have my directories set up differently so I may be slightly off with the default). You'll know you're placing it at the right spot if you see the folders "Binaries", "Engine", and "PrimalCarnageGame".

    I completely forget whether or not the server name is actually changed here or in the config file, so I always just change both lol. You can find the configs at \PrimalCarnageGame\Config.

    When you launch the server, you'll have a command prompt that has a bunch of text in it - you can just close this one down right away, it's useless now. Another command prompt (aka black box with nothing on it) will appear a few seconds later, that's the actual server running. If this happened, then you did these steps perfectly, and your server is half way set up.

    The next part to getting your server up is forwarding the correct ports. I can't really help you with this step just due to the sheer amount of different types of routers and different router pages, you'll have to search google to get help on this part. However, here are the ports you'll need to forward -


    I don't recall if you need to forward TCP or UDP for these (I rent my server so I haven't done this step in a long long time, though I'm pretty sure 7777-7778 is UDP, and 27015-27016 is TCP/UDP), you can just forward both really and not really care.

    For everything else, you can just follow this guide that was made quite awhile ago - Some parts of it are completely outdated/incorrect (like how to launch the actual server, that has been changed, so I posted the correct way in this post), but the rest of it is generally correct, such as admin commands, info on the config files, etc.

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