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    Help, it looks like its morning but its supposed to be daytime.

    So I got some SystemSettings.ini or something like that file which was supposed to help improve performance. The problem is that it changed the lightning a lot and now every map looks likes its in the morning.

    The link I got the SystemSettings from was here:

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    Could you post this on Pastebin?

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    This link does not look safe. Please use a different file hoster, such as Pastebin or Dropbox.
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    I understand it may look malicious, so i've done what @DaWarMachine told me and I put the BaseSystemSettings on a text document on PasteBin.

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    Can anyone please help me?

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    That config changes your lighting settings and usually lighting is the biggest hit on your frame rate. Are you sure you want to change the lighting back?

    Edit Wth this showed up as new to me x.x

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