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    v1.3.0 Abilities - Character can't move!

    I get connected to a server or host my own, select character and spawn into the game, and every key/mouse button works except WASD. Crouch, reload, melee, fire, Alt. fire.. they all work but I can't move the character at all. This happens for dinos AND humans. Halp!

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    Yeah this also happens to me, but so far only happened when I spawned as a human a few times,

    Only after a couple of minutes later I can move, but while I'm stuck my character seems to be glitching up and down in the same spot.
    [EDIT] Just noticed this is on the PC 1.3 thread, my issue is actually from PC:Extinction oops should pay more attention[/EDIT]
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    Update: Right-click on the game in Steam Library
    Click on Properties
    Local Files tab
    Click Verify Integrity of Game Cache

    13 files did not originally download, Steam downloaded them and issue is resolved.

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