Because of the increasing popularity of giveaways, lotteries, and other such events within the market section of the forums, there will now be a handful of rules that these threads need to adhere to or else risk being shut down. These rules are in place to protect community members from being scammed out of items or money under the premise of a giveaway or lottery.

Failure to adhere to these rules and regulations will result in the giveaway or lottery thread being shut down and the creator will receive a warning. If probable cause is given, the creator also risks being banned from the forums for a certain time or, if necessary, permanently.

1. The original post must contain rules and instructions on how to enter said giveaway or lottery.

2. If the contest requires an entry item or fee, this must be stated CLEARLY in the original post.

3. If the above two requirements are met, then members of the community who choose to enter these contests will do so at their own risk.

4. If the winners of said contests are chosen at random, they must be random. (Use for random selections.) If there is evidence of bias towards a specific member of the community (rare: but possible), then the contest will be shut down.

5. If winners are decided by another method, it is at the creator's discretion to do so.

6. The winner must receive the promised prize (or an agreed upon alternative) within a reasonable amount of time. Not delivering is cause for being shut down. If there is an issue or a specific reason why a prize cannot be delivered, creators can contact myself to have it resolved.

7. Complaints must first be taken up with the creator through private messages. If there is a failure to resolve complaints or if there is reason to contact a moderator, please contact me first.

8. Sore losers who berate others for winning will not be tolerated; this also goes against the forum's rules in general.
If you're not sure if your giveaway/lottery/contest thread fits these criteria, please contact me through a private message.