1. Someone once asked me if they can borrow my steel for a few screenshots (before the November update, so when it was going for over 350€). Needless to say I didn't lend it.

2. I got a falcon as a drop and someone offered an outback for it. Even though it was soon after the November update and the outback was around the same price at the time I rejected the offer. Rares always go down in price.

3. Tried to trade the earlier mentioned falcon for a bearded, but the only person willing to trade theirs at the time wanted my falcon, feathered snakeskin, two pestilence carnos and an alpha nova. I ended up accepting out of desperation for the bearded.

4. Someone kept constantly asking me to give them my skins for free if I had more than one of a certain one or even just of a certain type (for example, more than one feathered skin in general). Fair enough, but the problem was this: Those skins were rares going for 30€ and up.