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    game key and dlc/skins unaccessible in old forums PM?

    I donated to this game years ago and I forgot about it and never added it to my steam account. I remembered it today after seeing it on the steam front page, so I dug through my emails looking for the keys and all I can find are a bunch of emails stating that I have received a new private message on the forums containing my keys, with a link to the forum. The problem is when I log into the forum it says "You are not authorised to read private messages," and the forums appear to be defunct and contain no posts.

    How do I go about getting my keys?

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    is it the key for the original primal carnage or extinction? i do believe that if it is for the original then i dont think you will be able to get your key considering the company changes and everything that has happened :/

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    Yeah you're SOL as far as the old game goes. Send Apoc a pm and see what he can do for you with Extinction...if anything.

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    Not to sound rude, But why have you waited 2 years to check?

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