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    I read the whole thing, to me seems like people just cracking some jokes and having fun in their server, if you get offended by any of this youre the one with the problem since you making a big deal and bringing "feminisn" and social justice crap just because you dont like someone sense of humour, if you canīt be tolerant to other people behaviour then stay off-line or something, people has no reason to adapt to yours or anyone moral standards.

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    Quote Originally Posted by [PC]G23/Argos View Post
    Lol being offended by wat people say on the internet is idiotic tbh if u know balaur HE ALWAYS acts like.
    If u can't take consta's heat stay out of the server period point blank we could use less noobs in there anyways
    Quote Originally Posted by Elapids View Post
    And quite frankly your issue is stupid.
    While I understand that your clan is being criticized publicly and that you do not like that, this does not permit you to insult the original poster by calling her issue stupid and idiotic, as well as imply that the original poster is a noob for having this issue.

    Locking this thread due to the lack of civil discussion.

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