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    I can still remember the good ol' 1.2, when dilo wasn't so buffed, I was able to get streaks ranging from 30 to 70.
    Even though I don't play PC:E often, in regulair 1.3 I can easily go above 50/0 with either raptor or ptera.
    i've spent way too much time on this game help
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    165 kills as Rex. No deaths.
    63 kills as raptor. 10 deaths.

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    Today I got 42 kills and 2 deaths as a carno on PC:E.

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    my girlfriend got a 200-2 kd once in 1.3 as a spino on gttc. it was a round that have humans an hour or two to get to the chopper. we defended and won.
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    159 Kills and 0 Death in 30 min with T- Rex
    >> Me too

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    I don't remember the time I took to get it, or my deaths, but I had almost 300 by the time the round ended, I think I was raptor or pathy.

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