I've come up with a map idea that has been received quite well on the Steam Community, so I figured I would post it here with a poll attached to see how many people truly want to see it in-game. This is NOT me asking the developers to add this to the game, this is just me being interested in what the community here thinks about the map, and how many people would play the map if it was actually in the game.
HOWEVER, if a developer IS reading this, I'd like to know your opinion on the map idea.

Map Idea

Once a huge multi-level office laboratory, this remote, jungle-surrounded lab is collapsing in on itself as a massive sinkhole opens up beneath it. Battle through three stories of Tyrant-sized corridors, rooms of test-tubes and tanks filled with half-formed dinosaurs. With several massive tears in the floors that leave an open fall into nothingness and the occasional tremor of the shifting earth, this is a map for more experienced players.
With huge windows on every floor shattered by the force of the tremors, it is no problem for any class to enter the building. One massive chunk of a wall has fallen away, exposing two floors to the open sky. Each floor is full of lab rooms and holding tanks for half formed or dissected dinosaurs. Even though Tyrants can make it to each floor via piles of rubble, each floor would have spaces where humans can escape a Tyrant's jaws. Surrounding the laboratory, there is a large courtyard surrounded by walls(like the ones surrounding the base in Valley) and a massive smashed pair of gates.

Along with corridors and rooms large enough to fit a Tyrant and bottomless pits, this map will also occasionally shake the player's screen as the lab "sinks" into the cavern below. Three levels, with only the first two being accessible to Tyrants. This map provides a feeling of close-quarters combat in what is actually a very large map. This map gives a sense of close-quarters combat in what is actually a very large map.

Gamemode - Team Death Match
(This could also work very good as a GTTC map, each floor having objectives until the players get to the roof)
I did try to draw this map but it didn't work out due to the fact that I cannot draw buildings.
Feedback and constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated!
(Do the devs ever read these things?)