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    Pardon me for going off topic (regardless if moderation is even a thing as of late) but I have a dying question I need answering.

    Albertonykus, what keeps you posting on these forums to this day?! It's remarkable you've stayed active after so long but there are other dinosaur communities that'd appreciate this far more than the ghost town we have here.

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    It's entirely force of habit to be honest. I also continue to do this at another paleontology forum that I'm a member of, but has long since fallen into inactivity as well. It doesn't take much time out of my day and perhaps it even helps me organize daily dino news better in my head, so the fact that the community is essentially extinct at these sites hasn't been enough to convince me to quit, at least not yet.

    Review of the status of American flamingos in Florida.
    The influence of speed and size on avian terrestrial locomotion.
    Woodpecker drumming reveals how sexual selection elaborates signals that are under constraint.
    Taxonomic composition and phylogenetic affinities of vegaviids.
    Flight style of Concornis and Eoalulavis.

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    Comment and response on recent criticisms of using growth rate as a proxy for extinct dinosaur metabolism.

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