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    the traditional dinosaur image.

    i have some suspicions and have little idea where to confirm it, other than here. so it is, what evidence do we have that dinosaurs are more reptile than bird? is it because a long time ago someone somewhere decided to call them thunder lizards, that all our images of dinosaurs have more reptile features than birds? whoever called them thunder lizards did they have reason to think dinosaurs are more reptile than bird?

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    When the were first discovered, there was little fossil material to go by, so paleontologists at the time assumed they looked like giant lizards, so they were dubbed Dinosauria or "Terrible Lizard." It wasn't until Archaeopteryx was discovered a few decades later when the idea that dinosaurs were closely akin to birds was brought up, but out side of physical similarities, there wasn't much support for over a century.

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    Actually, many early scientists likened dinosaurs to birds. However, the prevailing idea at the time was that species didn't go extinct unless they were somehow inferior, so dinosaurs were changed into slow-moving, dim-witted reptiles destined to be replaced by mammals.

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