So I was thinking, what if PC:E had events? Sort of like Pokémon? I know it would be hard because people all around the world ply this game, but it's just an idea. So if you live in America, (or UK, I don't know if you have them there..) you might be familiar with GameStop, a popular store, which you can buy games, figurines, and action figures at. Well Each GameStop would have 5 cards or so, (They could cost money maybe $5 dollars or o, I'm not the owner of PC:E) with a code that gives you, let's just say the new Calico NovaRaptor. Basically the first 5 people to request a card will receive something like a gift card, with a code on the back of the card that you enter into the game, (I know this isn't available yet but it should be pretty easy to implement) and a Calico NovaRaptor will appear into you inventory. (Optional only one card a person) I think it would be a fun concept and help people who don't have $300 freaking dollars to spend on a skin.

What could happen: Well of course this would spread giveaways and more gifting to friends. Also you could have skins that are only available through Events, not by drops or crates. Although some of the Major players may camp at GameStops over night to get these skins, I guess they deserve them if they want them that bad.

It's just an Idea so leave you opinion below on if you think PC:E should add events or not. I think it would be a fun experience and Reduce the prices of skins, and help people who can't afford expensive skins. Anyways, as always, have a nice day!

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thread closed, accidentally posted on 1.3 instead of extinction sorry!