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    Submitting a bug report? Read this first.

    • Search or read the forum to make sure your issue hasn't been posted already
    • It is extremely important that you tell us how to reproduce your issue. Ideally a simple set of steps that will produce your issue every time.
    • If you think it's hardware related, post your PCs specifications.
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    For users who wish to report problems with a specific part of a map, such as a buggy object or a collision problem (e.g., an invisible collision volume), it would be very helpful if your report included BugIt information.

    To use BugIt, open the command console and enter the following text:
    BugIt [name of the issue]
    Replace the bracketed content with whatever you want to name the issue. Do not include characters such as slashes and colons. Do not make the name longer than 64 characters. It would be best if the name is relevant to the issue. Open the command line with the F7 key instead of the tilde key when using BugIt. This is because BugIt takes a screenshot when you enter the command. If you are using the command window, then BugIt will include it in the screenshot, so no one will be able to see much other than the command window. Pressing F7 opens the much smaller command line instead, so that when BugIt takes a screenshot, anyone who is viewing your report can see the issue. Hit the enter key and you now have a BugIt report.

    This is the default file path for reports:
    Steam\SteamApps\common\Primal Carnage Extinction\PrimalCarnageGame\Screenshots\Win64Console
    When you use BugIt, it will create a folder for whichever maps you were on when you used the command. All BugIt files will automatically be saved in the relevant map folder. You will see a screenshot and a text file of the issue you reported. It is recommended that you convert the BMP to a JPG. Copy and paste your log file's contents into your report. Upload your screenshot to an image hosting site such as PhotoBucket and paste the image's BBCode in your report to post the image.
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