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    Report time limit, why?

    As the title suggests, there's a 60 second time limit that users have to endure in order to report another post and I think this needs to go ASAP. I can understand how moderators/admins would like to not have their queues run over with reports but now that bot spam seems to have become a real problem, all this limit does is hinder one's ability to report these spam posts and it's quite infuriating.

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    I agree. That bot attack this morning was atrocious.

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    I noticed this when I was reporting bot threads too. I guess it's not that big of a deal now that the bot problem is being handled. In a regular situation though, I do see this limit being a good thing. If one user is mad at another, having the ability to spam reports might drown out more serious and important ones.
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    i think it's to keep people from me from reporting every single quoted image in any thread ever.
    which i still did
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