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    How to submit a report

    Before you submit a report, please SEARCH the forum to see if your issue has already been reported. If it has already been reported, please do not submit a duplicate report. (Duplicate reports will be closed). If your issue has already been reported, you may add your notes to it by adding a post to the topic.

    You do not need to make a new report for an issue that persists through version number updates. In fact, please don't. If you are still experiencing a reported issue during an updated version, please just add a new reply to the topic and include your version number in the message.

    If you need to create a new report, please follow these rules:


    The subject needs to quickly and clearly provide the important information about the issue. Please follow this format:

    [version number][issue category] A brief description of the issue

    The current Version number can be found on the main menu of the game.
    Below is a list of the issue categories. Please reference this when making a report:

    [Abilities] - A broad category for the functionality of class attacks, controls and actions; including being on the delivering and receiving ends.
    [Animation] - The movements and motions of the characters; including in 1st person, 3rd person, and ragdoll.
    [Audio] - Sounds for the game; including sound effects, vocals, and music.
    [Camera] - The control, position, field of view, and motions for the 1st or 3rd person cameras and kill-cams.
    [Gameplay] - Related to the balance between classes or teams, scoring, game-mode objectives, and win/lose conditions.
    [GUI] - "Graphical User Interface"; menus, options, and class selection screens.
    [HUD] - "Heads Up Display"; on screen visuals which give information, including health, ammo, chatbox, timer, etc.
    [Level Design] - The layout and functionality of levels; including terrain, and the placement of assets such as models, spawn points, health kits, etc.
    [Lighting] - Lights and shadows; including static placement for levels and dynamic for weapons.
    [Materials] - The "coloring" of art assets; including texture, bump mapping, diffuse, specular, etc.
    [Models] - 3D objects in the game; including their scale, geometry, and collision.
    [Other] - If your report falls into a category not listed.
    [Screen Effects] - The appearance or functionality of post-process screen effects such as when blinded, tranquilized, etc.
    [VFX] - Visual effects; including explosions, blood spray, fire, bullet holes, etc.


    Please provide a clear and concise description of the issue you are reporting. Be certain to include class, weapon/attack, or map names when relevant. If you have discovered an unintended issue (a bug) please include whether it is consistently repeatable, and the steps that may be taken to do so.

    If you are simply adding your notes to an already reported issue, please include your Version Number in the body of the message.


    [0.1.0][Materials] Objects inside dumpster are missing textures

    In the 'Utility Base' level, the dumpster located next to the central building has some objects inside of it with a white and blue checkerboard material.

    And finally....THANK YOU for all your help!
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