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    Wow, I've missed quite a lot.

    I have to say, saying that this outright disproves the notion of Spinosaurus being quadrupedal is rather bold and, for lack of better word, unscientific; in science we must keep our minds open to possibilities, even ones we individually may consider remote.

    Still, this is very interesting. I have opened the provided link and shall read accordingly. Thank you for providing this.

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    I leave for quite some time and this forum has turned into reddit... Hrr..

    As plenty of people have mentioned, the article OP provided was not about the leg proportions of Spinosaurus Aegypitcus. Instead, the article was about the vertebra of Sigilmassasaurus, and the possible synonym Spinosaurus Morraconis.

    Whether the Spinosaurus had long or short legs is still technically up for debate, one fossil is not enough to warrant "This is fact". Facts on extinct Genus are constantly fluctuating. Give it some time and we will figure out the truth. For now, the one fossil we have shows short legs. Tomorrow it could have long legs, or Flippers I have no clue.

    Now read the article instead of just believing OP.

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    I have to say that I hadn't read the article myself until just after I posted this, and had just said what I had heard from other people. The posture of Spinosaurus is very likely the same.

    But, at the same time, the image posted on the last page could very likely be the posture, and I'd like to remind everyone that 2014 was not the first year quadrupedal Spinosaurs were theorized. Previously it was said to not be possible, after studies done on Baryonyx, so it's quite likely that Spinosaurus was not a Quadruped. I only said Quadruped Spino on the title because that's what the 2014 restoration of Spinosaurus is commonly called.

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    Tyrannosaur is one of my favourite.

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