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    How Unlocks Work on on the PS4

    On PlayStation 4, you unlock customizations in two ways:

    1. Unlocking Trophies
    2. Playing Multiplayer Matches

    Unlocking Trophies:

    You will unlock customizations by unlocking all 32 Trophies (30 visible, 1 secret, and 1 Platinum).

    Fully unlocking all Trophies will net you 19 dinosaur skins, and 13 customizations for your Mercenary team.

    Note: If you have earned Trophies for the game, and log into that PSN profile, those skins will be available to you even if you remove and reinstall the game.

    Playing Multiplayer Matches:

    You will unlock customizations by playing and finishing mutliplayer matches with 4 or more people.

    Completing multiplayer matches will get you an additional 68 customizations (46 for dinosaurs, and 22 for Mercenaries).

    Note: If you delete your save game, you will lose the Unlock skins that are stored in that save game. If you back up your save game, delete and reinstall the game, and restore your save game, you will have the Unlock skins from your save game.

    List of Unlockables:

    We'll post details about individual Trophies and Unlocks later Right now, we're letting the PC:E Community enjoy unlocking and sharing their discoveries for the PS4 version of the game.
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