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    Forum Foolishness- What may, and what may not, be shared?


    I've been under the impression that the Forum Foolishness section is a place where we may share things that would otherwise be considered off-topic and/or, to an extent, unacceptable for the majority of the forum. Consequently, I have used that as a place to share things that I am intrigued by that I realize are impertinent to Primal Carnage.

    However, it seems that my assumptions of the limits of Forum Foolishness have been generous in my favor to the point of delusion. Up until this point, I'd assumed that if it was not pornographic, and if it did not explicitly show dead or dying human beings, something might be acceptable in the Forum Foolishness section. However, a link I shared last night leading to a video of a steak being recycled the nutrients of has been replaced with a link to a video of kittens. I like kittens, of course, but I must admit I'm a little disappointed.

    I would like to know, what the limits are for what we may post in Forum Foolishness, and how they differ, if at all, from the limits of all the other sections of the Primal Carnage Forums. Obviously, I need to familiarize myself more with the standards of the administrators and the community.

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    First off, I'd appreciate if you messaged me or another moderator privately about this matter instead of making a new thread.

    Secondly, the content was considered disturbing content-wise. That was clearly evident based on the responses to that such thread. "Prohibited: Erotic, graphically violent, disturbing, or otherwise inappropriate material."
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