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    Problem Management

    There are a few things that are really killing the experience for me.

    First and foremost.
    Its only been a few days and its completely out of hand.
    people are going out of there way to quit lobbies and spam switch.
    Matchmaking Banning for quitting players. even if its 10 minutes they will learn their lesson
    and removal of the team switch, take your turn, its not the end of the world.

    Class restrictions.
    this im more open to discuss.
    with a max of 8 player per team
    1 tyrant, thats right one, team balancing.
    1 carnitour
    2 raptors 2 flyers and 2 venom dinos.

    this is just an idea. this is all about collaborating for the best game experience
    it may never be perfect but dinos have the advantage right now without number restrictions

    the same case could be for humans. i mean i havent seen more than 3 people be a pyro in a match, but it could also get out of hand

    I imagine a voice chat should be available soon. survival is hard without communication. people do whatever and any game plans made by anyone fall short from victory.

    Those are the big ones for me.
    if you have any constructive ideas or any problems you want to address lay it out here so we can talk about things.
    Good day to you all

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    i think this is the wrong place for this. might want to post it in the general discussion for extinction instead of 1.3
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