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    Beginners Guide

    This could most likely apply to both versions of PCE... but I play on PS4.

    I have a few questions, most of them probably already answered, but I figured this would be a good universal "go-to" thread, where all general questions could be listed and have answers provided for beginners. If there is already a thread like this, I apologize, and please direct me there.

    I have played the original Primal Carnage, but hadn't had a chance to play Extinction until it was released on PS4. So there are quite a few new features that I am a bit lost on. If these could be answered by anyone, I would greatly appreciate it... also, if there are other common questions about PCE, that users feel could use a permanent spot for beginners reference, feel free to include them here.


    -Cosmetics. They are accessories that you can add to your character. Hats, backpacks, etc, and are found by completing team deathmatches with 4 or more people. I understand that. But what are the Dinosaur cosmetics, and how do you obtain them? There is a slot for skins... and a slot for cosmetics, so they aren't the same. I have been playing nearly everyday for over a week, for hours each day, and haven't found a single Dino cosmetic. Google isn't turning anyting up either from what I can see...

    -It has been said that you unlock skins and cosmetics by completing Team Deathmatches with 4 or more people, but there are times that I do just that, but don't unlock anything. Is there a reason for this? Maybe a limit on how many unlocks you can get an hour or something?

    -There are times when I am playing Deathmatch, and the game just stops, and loads up a new map (or sometimes the same), and starts a new match. I assume this is the host doing this? If so, Why is this allowed? If the host wants to change the map or match rules, their changes should apply to the following game, not stop the current one.

    -How is it determined who is swapped during auto balance? There are times that I am swapped and I feel like there have been several others that joined my team after me. And there are sometimes where one team will be 3 players over the other, and auto balance doesn't even seem to occur? I could be wrong on all these fronts though.

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    There are only two types of cosmetics for the dinos. Shackles for spitters and raptors and holiday earmuffs. but I'm pretty sure for the moment the latter aren't in the PS4 version...yet.

    In the PC version there is a weekly loot cap that resets on the day you first played the game. You don't have a market so yours might be higher than ours or you might not have a cap at all. But then you would be getting something each round no matter what then. Which you are not. So yeah, you probably did hit the limit.

    It most likely is the host doing that. For us this isn't an issue since we have chat so we know ahead of time. I can see why it would be a problem for you guys though. At the end of the day it is their server so they can change the map every minute if they want...they payed for it after all. Doesn't make it right though.

    Auto-balance is totally random. One time you will never get auto-ed for three hours straight. The next day you could get switched three times during one match. It could be the player with the highest score or the guy with only 5 deaths and no points. Its totally random and it shouldn't be AT ALL. Its honestly broken as it is currently.

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    I would love someone to do a trophy guide as can't seem to find one and not sure how to get all trophies

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    Quote Originally Posted by glaw73 View Post
    I would love someone to do a trophy guide as can't seem to find one and not sure how to get all trophies
    I was looking for that too. There's a couple of useful videos on YT

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