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    What's the best weapon in Primal Carnage? A salt rifle.

    What do you call a T. rex that dies before making a single kill? A T. rekt.

    What happens when you swallow food coloring? You dye a little inside.

    Man uses lighter to kill spider, accidentally sets gas station on fire

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    Whoops, didn';t see someone made this joke already, here is a different one.

    A dyslexic man walks into a bra.

    What do you call a fish with no eyes? A fsh.

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    Two atoms were walking along until one of them says;

    -Oh No! I think I have lost an electron!

    +oh, Are you sure?

    -Yes I am POSITIVE!

    Haha haha hahahhaha ... Did you get it ha? Got it ? ha? No?... Okay then (Sad Violin)
    I wish i could save you again, Al Mir...

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    Raptors are so OVIrated :\

    I'm CRYOing over joy because I'm about to get an ember cryo in 3 days

    Loot is an absoLOOT jerk

    I have cow lick o floof

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    Giveaway has ended! Sorry if you did not win. All of yours (well most of them) were great! Good job everyone!

    Closing Thread.
    "The future is in the past! Onwards Aoshima!"

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