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    Ask a Developer: Resurrection

    Ladies and Gentlemen, hello and welcome to "Ask a Developer: Resurrection"!

    Just as the last one did, this new thread will bring a few new changes that should benefit both the community and the developers.

    First of all, the thread will remain open for three-day periods at a time. This means the thread will remain open from Friday all the way through to Monday after which it will be closed until all the questions have been answered.

    Secondly, the answers will come bi-weekly now and will be posted on the main website ( to keep them from vanishing within the thread itself.

    To keep up to date with general development news, please pay a visit to the recently introduced newsletter, which can also be found on the main website


    • Discussion is strictly prohibited. If you want to discuss questions/answers you can do so here:
    • Questions that have been answered previously will not be collected.
    • Questions that became irrelevant due to recent announcements/patches/et cetera will not be collected.
    • Questions that are unclear will not be collected.
    • Questions that are not written in an understandable way (grammar, spelling, structure) will not be collected (Note: A few mistakes here and there are no big deal, but I do not intend to waste my time with trying to decipher sentences that are simply not understandable).
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    (ask the developer strike's back again)
    in the extiction editor will we be able to add existing events in to our maps

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    With all the confusion in the past, what is the process of skin development and addition to the game, including the relevancy of trello, trello voting, and why certain skins do not make it?

    Secondly, will Trello be more maintained, in consideration some skins come out much different than what we've seen before? We all saw the explosion of drama that caused.

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    What compelled you guys to give some of the humans new default outfits for PC:E? (Shirted Commando, Scientist and 'Raincoat' Pathfinder)

    Are old outfits/models for the humans still feasible?

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    How long do you guys think it will take to get different sounds for the Ovi, Tupa, and Cryo?

    Are there any plans for a universal melee weapon that all human classes can use?

    On the subject of new playable dinosaurs, which species do you guys think will be the next to be implemented?

    Are there any plans for more playable hybrid animals? Reason why I ask is because the Novaraptor is the only one at the moment.

    EDIT: Will you guys ever be interested in sound mods? Because I'm sure that many people would like to see a Jurassic Park sound pack for raptors, etc.

    If you guys do expand on the gore, will gibs like feet, arms, heads, and tails for both dinosaurs and humans, blood on the melee weapons and mouths/claws/beaks, etc., be of interest to you guys, at least in an optional state?
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    Were the Pachy and Cerato removed from Trello because they are scrapped or just too early in development to warrant being there, or something else?
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    So in the editor mode, is it possible to implement new models as skins?

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    Are there still plans for a secondary attack for the Tupandactylus?
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    As I asked previously:

    If the Volcano Rex/Spino are indeed the alpha skins, will you guys rename them to Alpha Rex/Spino respectively?
    Nah. Because they play different roles (One in store, one an EA exclusive) we decided not to call them that. (Though that is what they are.) Even if we wanted to, we can't just change their names because it causes havoc with the database.
    So if you can change the name in game from the files, can't you name the files something like "" as an example, then put a whole new skin that is officially an alpha. So the file names don't clash? Maybe get Ikarop to make new model meshes, instead of "alphaspikes.mesh" it could be a whole new mesh made for tyrant with "truealphaspikes.mesh"? We do need more meshes for tyrants, as of now, the raptors are hogging them. Novas have falcon mesh and quill meshes. Spino has no special modeling for any of it's skins, it could have a sort of "crest/sail" on the chin like lizards do.

    Sorry for the long question(s), but the fact that they aren't named alpha, bothers me and always will.

    I asked on steam but got no answer and I felt that others would want to know.
    Thought of having Oculous Rift support? Weird question but the Camera Ragdoll is pretty good, if we had oculous then imagine "being" the dinosaur, would be complicated and won't happen anytime soon but still?
    Will you ever bother with Oculous Rift at any time, maybe for a future game or something? ^

    Last question

    Will you higher a person that is focused solely on bugs/balance? Is there already 1?

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    Will we be able to put custom music or at least pick what music will play on maps made with the editor?

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    I know that new dinos and so on have been scrapped due to a lack of manpower and funds...are there any plans to increase advertisement and so on to potentially gain a larger paying audience that could support those new previously planned classes and what are they?

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    Will the currently altered skins, such as Peacock Ovi and Crystal-Eye Ovi (among others) be fixed to their original designs?
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    Are flyers going to stay strictly as pterosaurs?
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    Will most of the skins that were made from the 4-color system be remade into the new unlimited system?

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    Are community contests going to be a regular thing, or something that happens once in a blue moon?
    Such as the art contest and the item description contest.
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