Hi all!

We're releasing a new build of Open Testing today. See below for the changelog.

Launch Instructions - IMPORTANT
Launching the game directly from Steam will also no longer work with this format - you'll need to navigate to your Primal Carnage Binaries directory and make a shortcut to PrimalCarnageGame.exe with the -seekfreeloading parameter.
Once we release publicly, this will not be required.

Accessing the Build
To access the build, right-click on Primal Carnage Extinction in Steam and select Properties
Select the "Betas" Tab, and from the dropdown, choose the "opentesting" build. You may have to restart Steam in order to get the update.
If you get an error such as "Disk Read Error", you may need to delete your local data before downloading the open testing build.

We're running an official open testing server called "PCE Official Open Testing" in the US region. You can join the official open testing server by connecting to IP Address or finding it in the server browser.

Please provide feedback on the build and your thoughts as per the thread Apoc has made. When giving feedback on a specific build, also ensure you include the build number in your post title.

Various audio optimizations, re-organization and improvement
More work on Taunt sounds
GTTC capture notification popup now lasts longer

Fixed duplicate package issues
Fixed taunts being usable under a bunch of situations that they shouldn't be, includinng while being pounced, flying, mid-air etc
Fixed back button not working when opening a popup from the scoreboard