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    Dinosaur PSDS for Skin Design

    Hello everyone! A lot of people have been asking for these templates. I created PSDS that can be used in Photoshop, Gimp, Paint tool SAI, or any program that can open PSD files.

    An example:

    Just about every dinosaur is here! Just draw on the appropriate layer to see how your design looks on a Primal Carnage dinosaur.

    Download here. -->

    Acrocanthosaurus is missing from this package, as I know Ikarop made and provided an Acro template somewhere. If anyone knows where it can be downloaded, please PM me the link or post in the comments below. Thank you! Feel free to ask me about the usage of these files and let me know if anything needs to be changed or added.

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    AWWWWWwww YIIIISsss....

    an acro template link:

    (and you forget the naked/scaly raptor)
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    It's about time

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    Also, I realized the non-feathered novaraptor is not in that.

    Edit: Oh, noticed that Inu posted that. lol Well, a blank falcon template would be cool to use.

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