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    Extinction Editor, AaD Answers #2

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Extinction Editor, Open Testing Steam Apps

    A couple days ago, both the Extinction Editor and the Open Testing Steam applications went live for everyone that owns Extinction. You'll find the Extinction Editor under "Software" and Open Testing under "Games". The Editor is ready to go, but the Open Testing application doesn't have a build ready yet. The new build will be released within a day or so. All future testing builds will be done through this application, so you don't need to worry about switching between branches and constantly re-download the game.

    You can launch the editor and start having a go at creating some maps or skins of your own. Our documentation page is almost complete, but in the meantime you can check out some of my streams or the UE3 documentation. You can also ask us questions directly on our Discord Channel.

    Steam Workshop

    Steam Workshop is almost ready to go. Initially it'll only work for skins and other cosmetics. We were going to hold off on it until we had maps working too, but the community has already started creating dozens of great looking skins and we feel like those skin artists would appreciate some feedback. We're likely going to roll out a closed-beta to some of the more well-known skin artists in the next few days before making it public.

    Ask a Developer Answers #2

    We've just released our second set of answers from the Ask a Developer thread. You can check out the answers here.

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    Great news! Any time soon the maps will be in for workshop?

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    Very nice news and answers. Looking forward to the next patch.
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    work shop here we come

    invalid signiture space please refrain from saying goose otherwise the world might explode

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    this is great! Also thanks for the answers!
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