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    The Kitchen Server

    -The Kitchen-
    Playground of the Household Raptors.

    The Kitchen steam page

    Server settings may vary but here's the normal server settings.

    Server location / Cincinnati, Ohio
    Player limit / 12
    Maps / Every map aside from Docks [Need to get this working again]
    Game mode / DeathMatch, Teams swap mid round
    Round Time / 20 Minutes
    Kill limit / ??
    Server hours / Hours may vary.
    Special settings / Limit on the pyro and carno and no rex

    On another note, this server may be restricted for only |HR| members on occasion for practice sessions.
    Although the server may be kept up even during practice hours.



    - No hacking or glitching to places where only small dinosaurs can get you, namely pteras.
    - No spamming the chat [chatting is fine, just no useless spam and overly vulgar talk]
    - No racial/vulgar slurs/comments or excessive cursing especially when directed at another player as an insult. Cursing in general is fine though[like if you die], just don't be abusive or direct it at other players insultingly.
    - No AFKing for excessive amounts of time. [Especially as human]
    - Respect other players and most of all, respect and obey the admins.
    - No friendly play/roleplaying! There are now plenty of other more suitable servers for you to go onto and not kill things. This is not one of them.
    - Don't be a jerk, take your human turn with dignity or leave. Don't AFK and drag down the team.
    - Do not pretend to be the owner of the server or an admin to get people to do what you want. Doing so may get you instantly banned.
    - Do not forcefully spawn as compy or spino if you have the mod.

    Depending on the level of offense and behavior you will be given a warning before being kicked. Unless your offense and or attitude is bad enough in which case you will be kicked and possibly banned on the spot.
    We will always give at least one warning however unless you're hacking.

    I may consider doing safe zones/friendly days again in the future but currently it's just to stressful and hard to keep track of if people are following the rules unless somebody is there 24/7 to watch over it like a hawk.


    Current list of admins
    Although all members of |HR| have access to admin powers, these are officials that have volunteered.

    |HR| KaitouCat [Owner of server]
    |HR| Swolechief

    Do not believe anybody else who claims to be an admin. Anybody who claims to be an admin is likely trying to scare you into getting their way and they should be reported so that they may be taken care of promptly.

    Also I may consider recruiting more admins, but only if I know and trust you. If interested please PM me or message me on steam.


    Anything on this server is pretty much subject to change and could use some feedback and suggestions for possible changes. Just drop a comment with your thoughts or send me a message. Comments are preferred though as it leaves an opening for discussion among other members of the forum.

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    I saw kitchen and clicked just to report you. Thank god its a server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nachomeep View Post
    I saw kitchen and clicked just to report you. Thank god its a server.
    Yeah considering re-naming the server and thread because of that.. Just know that it wasn't intentional in any way. It's simply a name that rather suits the combination of RefrigeRaptors and IncinerRaptors.

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    Its the kitchen reflex.

    All primal carnage forum members are trained to do it.

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    These bots though.....

    Mosasaur is amazing!

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    You have attracted them with your kitchen
    Avatar animation taken from here:

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    Yes considering re-naming this server in addition to thread as a consequence of that will.. Simply are aware that that wasn't intentional by any means. It's simply a title that will somewhat fits this mix of RefrigeRaptors in addition to IncinerRaptors.
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