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    Report on Crystal(hacking)

    Now, I don't play Extinction, I play the old Primal Carnage. But since this is the current forum I thought I'd share the report here too in an attempt to get this person banned from the Primal community. By the way, sorry if this is in the wrong section of the forums, I'm rather new and I couldn't find any other logical place to put it. This person was Speedhacking and having very rapid attacks.

    Steam Profile:

    Video Proof:

    Screenshot Proof:

    Again, sorry if I were in the wrong by posting this here. But I don't want hackers going unpunished within the Primal community, as well as the steam community.

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    Here is the thread you need to post about hacking in PC 1.3:

    But good job getting all the proof!
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    I help manage the Primal Carnage 1.3 hacking report thread. EDIT: which Carolzilla beat me to.

    I didn't see the user's Steam profile in your video, although I did see your in-game message stating that you had the profile up at the time you were recording. Some video capture applications have problems recording the community overlay in-game. However, having a visible profile while in-game is required to add a player to the confirmed hacker list. A screenshot is insufficient. As such, I cannot add this player to the confirmed list, but they will be added to the suspected hacker list.

    If you see a player on the suspected hackers list using a hack, you may record again in accordance with the hacking report guidelines and post the video in the thread.
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