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    Build 6590 Released

    Hi all!

    We're releasing a new build of Open Testing today. See below for the changelog.

    Accessing the build
    Open Testing now has its own App ID on Steam! You can find "Primal Carnage Extinction Open Testing" in your games list. The initial download for this build will be around 7.5gb but patches will be smaller.

    We're running an official open testing server called "PCE Official Open Testing" in the US region. You can join the official open testing server by connecting to IP Address or finding it in the server browser.


    Spectator module now correctly shows instantly when you spectate someone
    Economy items in the Spectator view are now shown in priority of what is most rare
    Added impact sound to the Flaregun
    Improved behaviour of the Molotov. It now bounces off walls and high angled surfaces, and explodes when it lands, leaving a fire circle for 10 seconds that ignites enemies that touch it

    Fixed the You vs Foe counter not working correctly
    Fixed a bug that could cause stat-track items to not track correctly in some situations
    Fixed "None" items showing in the spectator module
    Fixed Hunt matches starting with only 1 player in the server
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    OMG YES. A useful molotov just the way we wanted it

    I love you guys, all the hype!


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    Oh great! Finally, the molotov is potentially useful, rather than being a poor man's grenade.
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    Love this molotov change.

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    I noticed OB update last night, anything new?

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    Quote Originally Posted by UndyingWladeslaus View Post
    I noticed OB update last night, anything new?
    Change Notes posted on Discord:
    Decreased the JumpDelay on the Raptor and Dilo from 1.85 to 1.5
    Decreased the hit momentum on the Tupa charge to prevent divebomb exploits
    Decreased Raptor/Oviraptor maul stamina reduction to compensate for a previous fix
    Decreased Hunt Raptor base health from 800 to 280
    Increased Hunt Raptor maul damage from 20 to 50
    Increased Hunt Raptor slash damage from 30 to 75
    Stungun now freezes the Hunt Raptor
    Added an end-round sequence to Hunt
    Lowered the Hunt round time
    Hunt rounds now always end when the Hunt raptor dies
    Fixed TeamChat not working in Hunt
    Fixed Hunt using freecam instead of deathcam for spectator
    Fixed new players in Hunt not being sent to spectator mode
    Fixed class select coming up twice when first joining a Hunt match
    Fixed the timer in Hunt being frozen
    Fixed an untextured brush appearing in PC-Docks
    Fixed gameplay ticker text being offset in the HUD
    Fixed the deathcam UI from always showing
    Fixed the deathcam clipping the player’s health
    Fixed (hopefully) issues with Stat-Track properties
    Fixed (hopefully) the deathcam UI showing the wrong avatar
    Fixed (hopefully) the deathcam UI clipping at some resolutions

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    What about lastest update?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hubert Operator View Post
    What about lastest update?
    The most recent Open Testing build is our release candidate, if all goes well and no serious issues are found we should be very close now to putting the update out. Changes include:

    Decreased Hunt Raptor base health to 200
    Decreased Hunt Raptor maul damage to 30
    Decreased Hunt Raptor slash damage to 50
    Fixed some issues with Hunt Raptor jumping
    Fixed Acro roar icon appearing for Hunt raptor
    New shader for Hunt Raptor
    Added a new Scoreboard for Hunt Raptor with better information about match results
    Tweaked Hunt Raptor health scaling
    Disabled health corpses in Hunt
    Lowered Hunt round time to 5 minutes
    Added a short delay to the end-game scoreboard for Hunt
    Removed several maps from Hunt map rotation
    Added win/loss music stingers to Hunt
    Fixed the Hunt Raptor sometimes spawning as a Scientist.
    Added a different spectator mode to Hunt

    Removed scientist hair if the bloody mary is equipped
    Fixed an issue that caused Stat Track values to revert to -1
    Added all stat-track names for dino skins
    Fixed game event messages being in the wrong location
    Fixed a spawn crash due to Bloody Mary skin

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    What is bloody mary?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hubert Operator View Post
    What is bloody mary?
    A scientist skin from the workshop
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