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    Dino Survival Fanfic Pitch

    So I got invested into Primal Carnage again recently, having fallen out of interest with the game but then come back into it of my own volition. I've been playing around with an idea for a fanfiction (with artwork to accompany parts of the story) for a while, set in a universe that, while not Primal Carnage centered, is set in a similar universe, combining tropes and aesthetics from Primal Carnage, Jurassic Park, Dino Crisis, King Kong, Fallout, and The Last of Us. My utility belt consists of Blender, Source Filmmaker, Photoshop, and Garry's Mod. Got my hands on a lot of assets but am always on the hunt for more stuff.

    It's not 100% concrete or fleshed out (no idea how it'll end), but I have a premise consisting of a beginning, some lore, character development, plot twists, and an idea of how the story will pan out based on some RPs I did with Steam friends back in the original Primal Carnage. Figured I'd just pitch it to you guys, seeing this section of the forums is actually pretty bustling with activity.

    Premise: Genetics (and possibly military) company creates a controlled environment on a large and remote island hundreds of miles out at sea and from civilization. Leader of the company is a rich billionaire philanthropist and former weapons contractor who withdrew from public eye to make his own country/giant vacation island. The main city is essentially like Las Vegas but with different themed districts for other countries and tourists, with a few small independent towns along the coast. This was only one half of his plan. The other half was to essentially create his own personal Garden of Eden that he could look after. He hires a team of some of the world's most renowned genetics and animal experts to not only create an environment for some of the rarest animals but to also bring dinosaurs back. Some genetic tampering and shady dealings are involved, and many facilities are built to house/research the dinosaurs and other animals. However, plans change, and the billionaire doesn't get started on the building of his vacation city. His attention is brought elsewhere, and the scientists, researchers, and construction workers are left to look over the island indefinitely. Eventually, through animal escapades, technical malfunctions, weather problems, and possible foul play, the animals escape and terrorize the facilities. People either go into hiding or are eaten. Months go by without any word from the island, and a team of mercenaries from all walks of life are hired discreetly to investigate the island and find possible survivors. They are dropped off and explore the island, surprised to eventually encounter dinosaurs. They find themselves overwhelmed but are unable to make contact with the outside world, with the radio towers and communication buildings being destroyed, sabotaged, or deactivated. It becomes a story of survival as the mercenaries have to find a way to escape the island all while trying to stay together and not be killed off. They find survivors and lose others. Elements of survival, horror, mystery, betrayal, stealth, and action are all mixed in.

    Characters: Obviously can't have a story without characters in it. These characters are still in heavy development, none of them having names but have somewhat planned personalities. Partially based on the Primal Carnage characters but will not be necessarily the same.
    • Pathfinder: Native American tracker/hunter, at home in the Canadian wilderness. Fed up living on his family's reservation for years and decided to move on out, buying a log cabin in Canada and living off the land, making money as a big game hunter across the world. Favors the old school pump shotgun. The de-facto leader and by the book type of guy.
    • Sniper: British animal behavior expert and master marksman, having studied animals for years and been on many safaris out in Africa. Favors the old bolt action sniper rifle, SMG, and a cattle prod. Smart head on her shoulders and has a quick wit but generally quite serious.
    • Commando: Former American marine and pilot with an itchy trigger finger. Loves him a good old fashioned assault rifle with a grenade launcher. Laid back kind of guy with a relaxed attitude but a real fighter on the battlefield. Good friends with the Trapper.
    • Trapper: Australian poacher and hitman, favoring the classic revolvers. A cocky man with a confident swagger, detached attitude, and good fashion sense. In it to make a quick buck. The Commando's bro.
    • Pyro: An Irish lumberjack, alcoholic, and convicted arsonist. Given a state of the art flamethrower, sawed off shotgun, and a fireaxe. A loud blowhard with a crass sense of humor, often tagging along as the third wheel to the Commando and Trapper.
    • Scientist: One of the survivors the team finds. A nervous and skittish guy with no combat experience but knows everything about every dinosaur on the island as well as the ecosystem. A major priority of protection.
    • Engineer: Asian woman who's quick on the draw and an expert at jury rigging contraptions if she has enough duct tape and copper wire. Carries a pistol.
    • One black man with unspecified team role. Linguist and survival expert. Favors a pistol.
    • One white dude with a black beard and mullet with a private military background. Favors a rifle and crowbar.
    • One young scruffy white guy, barely twenty. Possible short military background or something like that. These last few characters aren't that fleshed out as of yet. The major defining detail is his lack of experience and how in over his head he is. Favors a machete and pistol.
    • One Scottish mercenary (think of something along the lines of Captain Price from Modern Warfare).
    • One female scientist in white and grey with blonde hair.
    • A few other background mercenaries and other types serving as either food for the dinos or background characters.

    Dinosaurs: Gotta have dinosaurs in a dinosaur story, right? Got models from Orion, Primal Carnage, ARK, The Isle, Turok, Bless Online, and The Stomping Lands. There will be modern animals coexisting beside them, but I'm sure they're not of much interest to you so I'll omit them. Here are some.
    • Dilophosaurus
    • Spinosaurus
    • Suchomimus
    • Tyrannosaurus rex
    • Stegosaurus
    • Triceratops and other various ceratopsians
    • Various raptors
    • Various pterosaurus
    • Various sauropods
    • Acrocanthosaurus
    • Carnotaurus
    • Allosaurus
    • Various hadrosaurs
    • Protarchaeopteryx
    • Cryolophosaurus
    • Ankylosaurus
    • Therizinosaurus

    Here are a few pieces of art I did in case you would like to see a sample of my work to pique your interest in this topic.

    Link to deviantart for other artwork not necessarily dinosaur related.

    If you're interested in this project and would like to see something come out of it or would like to help me flesh it out, please comment and let me know.

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    Great! We finally have a fanfic! And it looks pretty well thought out too.
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