Hi all!

We're releasing a new build of Open Testing today. See below for the changelog.
The biggest change for this build is the initial pass of Steam Workshop Map support. This support is only on the client right now, not servers. You can Subscribe to a map on the Workshop, launch the game and any maps you subscribed to should appear in the UI.
The main feedback we're looking for is whether the subscribe and download process is working, and so early map creators can upload and test getting their maps into a game. Hopefully later this week we will have first pass of dedicated server support.

Accessing the build
Open Testing now has its own App ID on Steam! You can find "Primal Carnage Extinction Open Testing" in your games list.

We're running an official open testing server called "PCE Official Open Testing" in the US region. You can join the official open testing server by connecting to IP Address or finding it in the server browser.