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    Renters Clan - Collective server renting clan

    Hi, if anyone interested we can have server for lowest price for 50 eur/usd per year (6 slots) or higher variants of server.
    I made a paypal account if anyone interested to co-own rented server - all who pay will be admins.
    Just single share of money to get at least 50.
    2 ppl - 25 usd per year
    4 ppl - 12 usd per year
    6 ppl - 8 usd per year

    Who is interested to have for cheap price dedicated remote server? Will be used oficial server rent.
    Those who like idea, can have all admin advantages - like spawning npcs, items, change size.... unlock potential of this game. More ppl, more cheaper.

    Admin username and password will be then shared. (to be able all who pay able to get admin status).

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    I am interested. Can you PM me with more detail?

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