So it's been a month since I updated my map (win/loss animations) and I gotta keep reminding myself that my map is never gonna be complete because about 5 months ago I said my map was finally done but I made more than 6 updates after that.

What have I done since the last update and why does the description in the workshop item say "BIG UPDATE SOON!" ?
Well I've been working on making the cave look more natural around the walls and adding a few extra details and props into the map just to give off the atmosphere I'm looking for.
I've added and adjusted other things to help with balance issues I might be concerned about such as tyrants actually going into the cave which I thought would pressure humans way too much if two tyrants were just standing in front of the only general area the humans can get out of in the shed (which is the last checkpoint).
I'm holding this "big update" for when the workshop tool is able to fix the objective notifiers to look normal.