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    [Build 6856] Human bugs and issues

    Hitmarkers not always showing
    When fireing on a dinosaur, the hitmarker wont show sometimes. This appears to be the case for all guns.

    Repro steps: Appears to happen randomly

    1st person arms showing in killcam
    When you're killed by a pyro, you'll sometimes see the pyro's 1st person arms "hugging" the character. I have seen 1st person arms appear when I was killed by a commando as well, but those were not connected to the model, but floated on one point, turning as you turned your camera.

    Repro steps: Appears to happen randomly, but mainly once killed by a pyro.

    Trapper mines kills teammates
    (Only tested in FR so far)
    If a teammate steps on an armed trapper mine, it'll explode, killing the human in the process.

    Repro steps: Arm a trapper mine, and let a teammate step on it.

    Pistol bullets "bounce"
    When you're shot by a pistol as a tyrant you'll get fake bullet traces in another direction than the one that you're shot from. This causes confusion when playing. The real bullet traces still appear, making it look like you're shot from 2 directions.

    Repro steps: Play as any tyrant, and let someone shoot you with a pistol. Unknown if this can happen with other weapons, doesn't appear to happen with the sniper rifle.

    Sound issues commando
    The shound for the M4 and AR are not good atm. The M4 is so loud that you can't hear anything over it, even with low sound effects volume. The AR on the other hand is really muffled and will not be noticable at a distance. It sounds like you're listening through a pillow, or fireing behind a wall. Both sound issues happens when you listen as human or dino, as well as when you play commando.

    Repro steps: Fire the M4 (carbine rifle) and AR. This should be noticable.

    Current .ini file:
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