I was thinking about trading art for skins for PC:E sooo I'm gonna upload some of my stuff as examples, but maybe I should introduce myself as artist before posting pics:
I draw only animals, monsters, dragons, dinosaurs and similar stuff -included anthros, but still need to practice-; absolutely no human stuff since I suck at drawing them, and I rarely do backgrounds for the same previous reason; I draw both traditionally and digitally.
Traditionally, I almost do only sketches and linearts, I rarely use colours and if I do I use watercolours.
Digitally, I mainly do sketches and coloured sketches, very simple shading and almost only flat colouring.
In my free time, I like also creating 3D models with Sculptris and then animate them in Blender, although I love much more animating then modelling.

Here's my art, if I can call it "art":

the original Bearded Feathered (I submitted it on Steam too, maybe someone saw it, but I removed it because of reasons)

Sahara Acro

and also my avatar.

Sorry for the crappy pictures but I never upload my full-size drawings nor without some sort of logo/copyright.