This is the post from a fellow Original Primal Carnage player I found in the Primal Carnage Steam forums and I'm going to post it here it along with my reply too. ↓ ↓ ↓


So I finnaly get into the game but when I play multiplayer my dinosaur both glitches and lags. I teleport randomly into things when I run and my jump, roar, and right click pounce either wont work or they lag about 3 seconds after I click them. On boats I glitch into the ocean all the time and in Forest gap I keep glitching into the river rappids trying to get across the bridge. Dinosaur's all around me glitch into different positions so I either cant kill them or I run myself into a death zone or they kill me before I can make a scratch.

This is ruining Primal carnage for me, can ANYONE help me out...?? I only experience this in multi player...

~ And my reply to someone that said it was only ping. ↓ ↓ ↓ ↓


The same thing is constantly happening to me and I have high speed internet and I always have good pings of 60 or 80 depending on the servers, my ping is usually 60 on low ping servers and 80 on higher ping servers and my ping never goes higher than 110.

This teleporting seems to have nothing to do with ping. I have also noticed that some servers have more teleporting than others. For example MPQC's No Kill RP server always has more teleporting than Docks 24/7 or Rex Rampage these other severs have teleporting it's not always as frequent than in the No Kill server but it still occurs and is a big impact on game play.

The teleporting stops me from being able to fly as a ptera, causes my attacks or shots to miss, and costs me my kills and often gets me killed whether it be from missing all my shots because of teleporting, not being able to doge at the correct time, not being able to take off as a ptera, or simply causing me to walk off into the ocean it's a problem.

These teleporting issues with Primal Carnage 1.3 seem to have started for most everyone months ago and it still continues.

Btw, I have played primal carnage for two years and I have never had such bad teleporting until this year and it's not just me who also has this bad teleporting. I have chatted with quite a few players in-game and they also have the bad teleporting so it has nothing to do with my internet, ping, or computer.


~ I hope that this teleporting issue can be addressed because it's a major problem that impacts gameplay and overall ruins the experience of this game for new players and longtime players alike.

~ Anyway thanks for reading. Happy hunting!