In response to the frustrating contest results, I feel like I must share my piece:

Just in case anybody is new to the concept, vote-based art contests allow a community to vote on who should win. It does give people a voice to get them what they want, but the system can be used dishonestly or it puts some at an unfair advantage. It can also be ethnocentric. I have a solution to fix this problem so contests can be more fair in the future.

How can the voting system create biases? All it takes is one superstar to walk into the scene and take away the attention from others. It could be from a lack of critical thinking, a subject that is not taken too seriously these days. It's could also come from mob mentality; an instinctual reaction. Bad biases also hurt. If I am not mistaken, a fellow skin creator is currently suffering from this because of a bad rumor gone wild. There is also bias against new creators unless they get lucky. Even if there is a rule against this, bribery can play a harmful role as well. If I had extra rare skins, I could bribe people to vote in my favor and I won't be stopped.* When these are in play, those affected have to work much harder.

Another issue revolves about ethnocentricism; the belief that one's culture is the one true culture in the world. It is something we do, even if we don't even think about it. For instance, most of you would find eating rotten meat wrong since our culture says it is. With that said, ethnocentricism really affects the outcomes. Skins to be based off of middle eastern themes would have this kind of bias against it.

What can be done to put a stop to this? My solution is to let the judges pick a few low-voted skins and add them as judge's choices. It will ease the biases and give all a more fair chance of having a skin in. I also suggest investigating any potential case of personal bias. I do not suggest getting rid of voting altogether because it eases out biases judges can make and it gives them more power.

In conclusion, this voting-based system needs to change because of bias. I do not want to see this happen again and I am sure many others will agree with me.