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    Build 6991 Released

    Hi all!

    We're releasing a new build of Open Testing today. See below for the changelog.

    Accessing the build
    Open Testing now has its own App ID on Steam! You can find "Primal Carnage Extinction Open Testing" in your games list.

    We're running an official open testing server called "PCE Official Open Testing" in the US region. You can join the official open testing server by connecting to IP Address or finding it in the server browser.

    General Changes
    Added some new metrics for determining where a player should spawn. The goal is to help spawn players in better locations, more away from enemies and closer to teammates.
    -The previously used spawnpoint is weighted down
    -Spawnpoints close to enemies are weighted down relative to their distance
    -Spawnpoints close to teammates are weighted up relative to their distance
    -Spawnpoints close to the last player that killed you are given extra negative weighting

    Added extra idle animations to tyrant customization animtrees and re-synced some audio
    Tweaked some controller layouts
    Added a crosshair to melee weapons

    Tweaked and fixed a whole range of audio related issues, including pounce vocals, pounce pain sounds and more.

    Fixed class changing forcing a suicide in multiplayer games. Choosing a new class now alerts you that you will change next death.
    Fixed an issue that could cause class counts in the UI to be incorrect
    Fixed the molotov creating a fire pool in midair when it hits an enemy
    Fixed some minor localization issues
    Fixed some GTTC objectives not having completion text

    Removed headshot multiplier from shotguns
    Increased the range of the flamethrower by roughly 50%
    Molotov now sets an enemy on fire if you hit the enemy directly
    Removed crouch accuracy bonus from shotguns

    Map Changes
    Fixed players getting stuck inside vertical logs in Valley
    Fixed some dino cages that were missing collision on TheFalls

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    I like these changes, especially for the Molotov. It felt pretty useless compared to grenades but hopefully not anymore.
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    Some good stuff in this patch! Now I hope you will also remove the SwitchTeam keybind located on the Comma button on most keyboards, it still allows people to switch team by first selecting specator and then pressing it again to select team.
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    The range on the machete is pretty good, as well with the damage. It makes the Pathfinder with a machete much more dangerous to your typical run in circles and slash - raptor. However upon startup of a game my melee bind did not work and I had to rebind it through the settings.

    The range actually makes it tons better. It feels more like an actual flameTHROWER instead of a flametosser. My suggestion is make the aiming on it slower while firing but give it a 10% decrease in ammo consumption speed.

    In this build, Molotov does 60 damage upon being hit by it, for an extra 25 damage of burning. Total of 85 damage. In order to improve, when a dinosaur walks into the fire left by the Molotov, the burning timer should be reset so it burns for longer. Lastly, the model for the actual Molotov does not show up, only the firey effects of it do.


    I like the changes made for the shotguns. The SPAS maybe should be given a bit more recoil if it has a quicker firing rate. Overall pretty good.

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