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    Questions about in-game voting

    Hi guys, hopefully I post this in the right spot.
    I was wondering if there's a way to cancel a vote while signed in as admin on a server? Because sometimes people abuse the vote feature as we all know right now, for kicking someone they don't like, or because they keep getting killed by them, etc. I couldn't find too much on the voting feature itself while searching among the websites, so forgive me if I didn't look hard enough. If there's not a command for this, I'd highly recommend one for this instance if the vote system is going to stay how it is..
    And also, for my own laziness, what ARE all the vote commands? As far as starting a vote, etc. Thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarasaurus13 View Post
    And also, for my own laziness, what ARE all the vote commands? As far as starting a vote, etc. Thanks in advance
    !votekick username
    for example, do !votekick JokerTM
    !votemap type-map
    for example, do !votemap gttc-docks to get gttc-docks
    I can't for sure remember if it was just - or underscore _, so try each if the previous doesn't work.

    I do agree that the voting systems needs a change, for example limit how many times 1 person can make votes in a round, and limit the times 1 person can be voted on. I've been kicked by dino hoggers/whiners multiple times, even though I had done nothing wrong.

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    For maps its always GameType-MapName, no underscores. I just wish vote map and vote kick were 2 different systems, I wouldn't mind vote map, but the vote kick is just abused so much by noobs to kick good players.
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    There should be a limit on how many times you can try to vote kick someone out of the match (also, sometimes the kick system doesn't seem to work? Even if the vote got a lot of 'yes')

    Recently someone tried to vote kick me just because I was killing them several times as a trapper, but everyone called out on their butthurt :P
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    Thank you so much! And I agree with everyone here saying there needs to be a change in the voting system. I don't really think there needs to be a votekick at all. Vote maps are good though.

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    There's definitely some tweaks planned for the voting system, can't say when they'll make it in just yet... but things like limiting how often you can call a vote is something we want to add.

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