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    Open Testing Steam Group!

    I decided to give the devs a hand and make an Open Testing Steam Group, this will be used to make testing more organized and hopefully improve the amount testers online during testing sessions.

    Group can be found here: or you just go to Community --> Search Players and Groups --> Type in PCEOT and you get only 1 result.

    You can add yourself to the group and also go here: and write a reply so you can be added to it.

    The devs will "hopefully" all be in it as well, I will eventually add stuff over time to improve information about testing but, for now this will do
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    Massive thanks to TheSlayerNL for organizing this. Its no secret that the small team right now is very strapped for time, and its tough to develop and run OT at the same time. Really appreciate someone taking the reigns on this and organizing it.

    Unfortunately the proposed testing time for me is at 4am which means I'm unlikely to make it. However, my goal will be to keep on top of regular releases with full patch notes and information about stuff we'd love feedback on, several days in advance before the scheduled testing times.
    I'd also love to start engaging the community more in general gameplay & balance changes - expect this process to start soon

    Finally, we will look at making a few community members admins on the OT server for easier management of the OT sessions.

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